Tuesday 20 February 2024
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Appeal: This vehicle could be involved in Cotgrave catalytic converter thefts

Police have issued these images of the suspect vehicle.

‘Officers are appealing for Cotgrave residents, especially those in and around the Crosshill and Ringleas area, to check CCTV for sightings of a white Volkswagen Golf believed to be involved in catalytic converter thefts in Cotgrave.

‘Residents are asked to check CCTV between the times of 00:00 and 01:00 on Thursday 3rd November 2022.

Screenshot 2022 11 06 at 09.38.26

‘Following initial CCTV enquiries and house to house officers have obtained the below images of the white Volkswagen Golf but are keen to view any further CCTV of the vehicle or to hear from any members of the public who have sighted the vehicle.

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‘Anyone with any information or CCTV of the vehicle is asked to ring 101 and then use the extension of 3101930 for local beat manager PC Kemish.’

Local officers will be continuing late night patrols to combat vehicle crime and members of the public are urged to report any suspicious behaviour through 101 or online, with crimes in progress to be reported via 999.

•  Warning after two catalytic converter thefts in Cotgrave overnight

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