Thursday 22 February 2024
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Cannabis grow discovered in Nottinghamshire as police respond to incident

Dozens of cannabis plants were seized and destroyed after police responded to reports of a disturbance.

Officers were called to an address in Stanley Street, Worksop, at around 10pm on Tuesday night and found it had been broken into.

Cannabis plants were discovered in multiple rooms inside, along with an array of growing, lighting and heating equipment.

All have since been removed.

No suspects were found at the scene and investigations are ongoing.

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Inspector Hayley Crawford, district commander for Bassetlaw, said: “Drug related crime is a blight on our community and we are working hard every day make life as difficult as possible for those who produce drugs and sell drugs on our streets.

“Cannabis grows of this nature pose a considerable fire risk to neighbouring properties.

“In most cases electrical meters are bypassed in haphazard and dangerous ways to disguise the huge amount of power that is needed to generate the heat and light needed. When combined with the combustible materials inside this presents a significant fire risk.

“The cannabis trade is also often linked to very serious additional offences like modern slavery and people trafficking, so it is something we take very seriously indeed. If residents have suspicions about properties near them, I would urge them to call us on 101 immediately.”

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