Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Pictures: Car bursts into flames on A52 in Nottinghamshire

Firefighters responded to a report of a car fire just outside the Sherwin Arms Nottingham Road Bramcote.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a high pressure hose reel to tackle the blaze.

Unfortunately the car was destroyed.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

‘We are asking for your help to “track down, A man in a white van”. Who was a bit of a hero today. Let’s explain.

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‘The driver of this car was travelling down the A52 towards Nottingham from Derby. The power completely failed to the car and the driver noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment, they decided to get the car off the A52 so not to block the road.

Screenshot 2022 05 19 at 10.26.49
© Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

‘As they brought the car to a stop outside the public house, the doors had locked and due to the electrical failure and the driver was unable to exit the car.
The car was now on fire.

Screenshot 2022 05 19 at 10.26.44
© Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

‘An unknown male in a white van, quickly stopped and saw what was happening. They forced open the drivers door allowing the driver to escape unharmed – but shaken.

‘The ‘white van man’ left the scene before we arrived and we’d really like to thank him properly.’

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