Monday 20 May 2024
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Drugs and knuckleduster recovered in Nottingham car search

Specialist knife crime police officers pulled over a car and found drugs and a knuckleduster inside it.

The force’s knife crime team were conducting their usual patrols around Arnold when they spotted a vehicle of interest.

Based on intelligence suggesting the car had previously been involved in drug activity, officers decided to pull it over.

When the vehicle came to a stop in Rolleston Drive, the team approached it and found three people inside, around 4.45 pm on Friday (10 May).

A search was then conducted of the car, which resulted in multiple deal bags of cocaine, cannabis, and quantities of cash being discovered.

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The trio were all subsequently detained at the scene, at which point searches also recovered a knuckleduster from inside the vehicle.

Three men, aged 32, 28, and 21, were all arrested on suspicion of possessing with intent to supply Class A and Class B drugs, and possessing an offensive weapon.

The 28-year-old suspect was also arrested for driving without the correct insurance.

Sergeant Matt Daley, of Nottinghamshire Police’s knife crime team, said: “These arrests provided a great example of why our team conducts the proactive patrols we do across Nottingham.

“By being out in the police cars and assessing the situation as it developed, we were able to spot a vehicle that intelligence suggested could have links to drug supply.

“Between us, our team were then able to bring the car to a stop, and ultimately retrieve quantities of drugs, as well as an offensive weapon from inside it.

“Our team focuses our activity towards taking weapons off the streets, and this includes knuckledusters, which are illegal to have in public, or indeed to even keep at home or in a private setting. 

“From our experience, we know that those who tend to carry weapons often have links to the sale of drugs, which is precisely why we look to target those people intelligence suggests could be involved in this activity.

“Using this method, we were ultimately able to take an offensive weapon and drugs off our streets, while arresting three suspects too, so we were really pleased with this result.”

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