Saturday 3 December 2022
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Pictures: Extinction Rebellion pitch illegal camp on the banks of the Trent in West Bridgford – and they plan to stay all week

Extinction Rebellion Activists have pitched an illegal camp on the banks of the Trent next to County Hall in West Bridgford.

Extinction Rebellion pitch illegal camp

The plan to stay from midday on Saturday 24th April until Sunday 2nd May in the run up to the County Council elections.

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The activists are demanding that the Council immediately declare a climate emergency; stop investing the pension funds in the fossil fuel industry; refuse to approve the proposed incinerator at Ratcliffe-on-Soar and support the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill.

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‘The outgoing councillors displayed a disgraceful lack of care,’ says Amanda Pumo, aged 61 from Gedling and a Extinction Rebellion activist. ‘We are prepared to break the law to demand that the incoming councillors do much better!’

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In spite of the overwhelming evidence from the current best available science, the outgoing leader of the council Kay Cutts said “I don’t know whether there is climate change or not”.

Extinction Rebellion say that they feel compelled to raise awareness of this questionable position.

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Extinction Rebellion wants the people of Nottinghamshire to consider the Climate and Ecological emergency when they vote on 6th May.

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Extinction Rebellion does not support any political party, but at the Climate Camp speakers will talk about crucial environmental issues that will affect all Nottinghamshire residents. Speakers will be available to answer questions, and there are will also be Covid-friendly art workshops, yoga classes, street theatre, samba and live music for the public to join in with.

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“Having these activities is a deliberate tactic to make sure the atmosphere stays friendly. We’re committed to non-violent action, and doing something fun and creative are good ways to deal with the overwhelming terror of the climate crisis” said Business Analyst Jack Horner, 45 from Beeston.

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Steve Katon, a 50-year-old IT Consultant and father of 2 from Rushcliffe added, ‘I’m frightened for my children’s future. I want them to enjoy their lives but fear that everything will change for them. Floods, heat waves and food shortages will affect every one of us if our councillors don’t act NOW.’

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Demand 1: Tell the Truth! – Declare a Climate Emergency

Notts County Council have not even recognised that there is an emergency.  Now it is time they stood up to their responsibilities and declared a Climate Emergency.

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Demand 2 : Act Now

a. No More Fossil Fuels

DivestNotts Campaign

The County Council Pension Fund still has investments in the Fossil Fuel Industry [2] and Extinction Rebellion have consistently campaigned for this money to be redirected.

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b. No More Incinerators

Burnout incinerator Campaign

The Council MUST NOT give permission for the Ratcliffe-on-Soar waste incinerator. Incinerators burn mixed waste including plastics made from fossil fuels and then call it “Green Energy”. They are as polluting as coal and have no place in a world trying to reduce carbon emissions.

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Demand 3: Go Beyond Politics

Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Notts County Council MUST join the other 31 Local Authorities to support the CEE Bill. Local MP Nadia Whittome was co-sponsor of the proposed Bill, which if passed will put in to law ambitious conservation and protection of nature; make the government keep their promises and targets on climate change; and set up legally binding Citizens Assemblies to democratically tackle climate change. This takes power away from self-serving lobbyists and MPs who act in their own interests before the next election.

They say that the public are welcome to visit the Climate Camp at any time.