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Extinction Rebellion to stage “Die-In” at County Hall Pensions Fund Meeting

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Nottingham residents concerned about fossil fuel investment in the Nottinghamshire pension fund will protest at County Hall tomorrow, 10th September at 10am, immediately before the pension fund committee meet.


They will demand that the committee immediately sell their fossil fuel shares.

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Dressed in black, protestors will lay down on the main entrance steps to enact a symbolic death scene.

They will hold signs showing causes of death resulting from the climate crisis, such as drowning, starvation, heat shock, and crop failure. This forms part of ongoing action by Extinction Rebellion.

On 23rd July Nottinghamshire County Council failed to pass a motion, brought by Councillor Tom Hollis, to investigate divestment from fossil fuel funds that do not align with the Council’s moral objectives. Fossil fuels are performing poorly on the stock market which has a negative impact on pension payouts. The UK’s biggest pension fund, National Employment Savings Trust, is already getting rid of its fossil fuel investments.

Rachel Adams, from Sherwood, retired Nottingham County Council public health manager, says, “I’m a pensioner dependent on this fund. I feel for employees who will receive much reduced pensions. The value of these shares is already falling. Everyone recognizes that to prevent the horror of climate catastrophe all reserves of oil, gas and coal must stay in the ground.”

Leora Hadas, 35, researcher with the University of Nottingham, says, “We’re already seeing the impact of the climate crisis – wildfires in America, floods in Sudan, horrible heat waves here in the UK. It’s like the start of a disaster movie. The first essential step is to switch quickly to sustainable energy sources.”

Visit the https://divestment.xrnottingham.org website to find out how you can support the divestment campaign.