Thursday 1 June 2023
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Firefighters rescue 8-week-old kitten trapped in drainpipe for days

Last night (Tuesday 23 May) at 7 pm, Edwinstowe crews were called to rescue a tiny eight-week-old kitten trapped in a drain pipe.

The rescue was a complicated rescue, at Dukeries Complex, Boughton.

Using small electric cutters, crews were able to extricate the kitten and hand it safely to the RSPCA.

Edwinstowe Watch Manager, Sean McCallum, said: “We believe the kitten had been trapped in the drainpipe for a few days, so at only eight weeks old, he’s a lucky little chap.

“Inspector Kate Burris from the RSPCA also attended the incident and provided some much-needed TLC, before taking him for veterinary care. We hear he’s doing very well!”

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