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Firefighters rescue Buddy the dog found unconscious during house fire

Firefighters attended a house fire in Mansfield Woodhouse on Wednesday 28 September 2022 around 7:45am.

Neighbours called 999 after seeing smoke issuing from a bedroom window, explaining to our joint control room that there could be one occupant and two dogs inside the house.

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Upon arrival the crews entered the house in search of the reported person and dogs.

Following more information on scene, crews were made aware that in fact there was only one dog inside the property – Buddy, a Pomeranian crossed Chihuahua.

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Buddy had been hiding from the fire and was found unconscious behind the sofa.

Whilst other firefighters began extinguishing the fire, one firefighter remained outside the property giving Buddy oxygen through one of the specialist Smokey Paws animal rescue masks.

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Buddy was taken to the vets and was given further treatment and is now getting back to himself.

Buddy’s owner Charlotte said: “I’m so glad that Buddy is alright as it was heartbreaking seeing him like he was.

“I want to say thank you to the fire service and to my neighbour who told firefighters to go back in as without her Buddy might not have been saved.

“The vets did amazing and without them he wouldn’t be back to himself.”

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