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Grantham Canal Society welcome Rushcliffe MP to join volunteer work

On Friday 2 February, The Grantham Canal Society were delighted to welcome Ruth Edwards MP and Greenfields Countryside Limited to join volunteers working in the Cropwell Bishop area.

Due to the hard work of all involved, the dry section of the canal at Bridge 23, Colston Road, was cleared of trees and brash.

Greenfields Countryside Limited generously donated their time and expertise and brought their machinery with them; allowing chippings to be donated to Belvoir Vale Riding for the Disabled.

Photo Credit Grantham Canal Society 2

The work was completed as part of The Grantham Canal Society’s plans to clear, repair and rewater the canal. Ruth Edwards MP said, ‘It was fantastic to hear the Grantham Canal Society’s plans and to see how the reconnection of the waterway would be tied to sustainability and biodiversity of the area around the canal.’

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Photo Credit Greenfields Countryside Ltd

Caroline Stevens-Turlington from Greenfields Countryside Limited said, ‘The experience was fulfilling and gave us the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and contribute to the local community. We believe these experiences can inspire others to volunteer as well.’

Tony Osbond, General Manager at The Grantham Canal Society said, ‘linking up with Greenfields Countryside was a great opportunity to work with businesses in the area that are like-minded in bringing back to life heritage projects that in time will see the Grantham Canal restored as a natural waterway. We are very grateful to the time and effort that Greenfield Countryside have devoted to our restoration work.’

If you are a business or individual looking to make a difference, please email: volunteer@granthamcanal.or

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