Thursday 22 February 2024
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Horse spooked by dog gets trapped in metal fencing

Firefighters attended an incident where a horse was trapped in metal wiring.

A dog in the bushes had spooked the horse on the Cloud Trail, just past Wilson in Leicestershire last week.

Firefighters said:

‘The horse had put its foot through some old fencing in the undergrowth and became entangled.

‘Passers-by helped out by giving the what3words location when they called 999.

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‘This helped crews to find the incident promptly.

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© Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

‘The horse was released with minor injuries using wire cutters.

‘Thankfully the horse had protection on its hooves and legs and is recovering well.

‘If you don’t already have the what3words app on your phone please download it. what3words is a really quick and simple way to find, share and save exact locations. The system converts GPS coordinates into 3-word addresses’

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© Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

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