Sunday 28 May 2023
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How Nottingham NightBus services are affected by clocks going forward

In the early hours of Sunday 26 March 2023, British Summer Time (BST) begins, with clocks going forward one hour at 1 am.

Nottingham City Transport NightBus services incorporate the clock change and operate as follows:

NightBus N4

  • From City: 00:15 GMT will run, then 02:15 BST, 03:15 BST
  • From NTU Clifton Campus: 00:52 GMT will run, then 02:52 BST, 03:52 BST

NightBus N34

  • From City (Broadmarsh): 00:20 GMT and 00:40 will run, then 02:40 BST, 03:40 BST
  • From Beeston: 01:15 will not run, but the 02:15 BST, 03:15 BST and 04:15 BST will run

NightBus N26

  • The 00:00 GMT will run (returning from Southwell at 00:38) then the 03:00 BST will run
  • There will be no 01:30 journey


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