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Knitted gift for council leader after libraries saved

Basford Library is one of three libraries threatened with closure in Nottingham in spring 2021. 


Library users were dismayed by these threats.

In many areas the library is the only community facility left.

Libraries are for everyone, a welcoming space where there is no need to spend any money.

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They help children with literacy and foster a love of books and reading.

They promote inclusion, mental health, and a cohesive community.  Their facilities include access to the internet and meeting rooms.


A campaign – Save Nottingham Libraries – was launched, which was vigorously and imaginatively pursued.

Finally, in November the Labour group of city councillors voted by a narrow margin to keep all three threatened libraries open.


One of the long-established groups using the meeting room at Basford Library is Knit and Natter.  They are a large and friendly group, and many of its members had been terrified at the thought of losing their library, their group, and their social connection.


When they heard that their library is saved, they decided to thank the council by way of thanking Cllr David Mellen, the council leader.  The obvious way was to give him something knitted, and a scarf was made for him.


The Basford Knit and Natter Group has contacted David Mellen to ask him when they can present the scarf.  They said to him:

“Everyone at Basford Library Knit and Natter Group is so relieved and thankful that Basford and the other Libraries are to be saved. Knit and Natter is a huge part of many lives, and it would have been a tragedy to have lost it.

“To show our gratitude, we would like to give you this scarf, made specially for you. We hope it will keep you warm during the cold days to come. Thank you so much for saving our libraries. It means more to us than you can know.”



The scarf is long and cosy, and temporarily decorated with paper slogans, thanks, and greetings of the season.

“The group hopes that it can be presented to Cllr David Mellen as soon as possible, before the days get even colder.

Basford Knit and Natter Group meet in Basford Library on a Tuesday morning.

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