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Local Elections 2023: Gedling list of candidates and polling stations for 4 May vote

A full list of candidates ahead of local elections for Gedling Borough Council has been confirmed. Also see ward maps and polling station finder

The local council elections will take place next month on 4 May to select members for the next four years.

Gedling Borough Council has confirmed the full list of candidates standing in the local election on May 4.

Verification will take place on the evening of the election on Thursday, May 4 and the count will take place the following day on Friday, May 5 at 10am.

The council has changed the venue for the count, and it will now take place at the Richard Herrod Centre, Carlton.

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There are 41 Gedling Borough councillors representing 19 wards.

Of the 41 seats, 29 currently belong to the Labour Party, eight belong to the Conservative Party, two belong to the Liberal Democrats and two are independent.

In 2019 the Labour Party managed to strengthen its grip on the borough, gaining four additional seats compared to the 2015 election.

The Liberal Democrats gained one additional seat, while the independent candidates secured two.

The Conservative Party lost seven seats.

In total 36.14 per cent of the electorate turned out to vote in 2019.

Below is a list of all candidates standing in each Gedling ward, listed in alphabetical surname order.

The bracket is the number of council seats being elected.

Bestwood St Albans Ward (2)

Josie Abbott – Conservative Party Candidate

Rachel Elizabeth Ellis – Labour Party

Des Gibbons – Labour Party

Ray Poynter – Liberal Democrat

Katherine Laura Randall – Conservative Party Candidate

Patrick Christopher Shannon – Liberal Democrat

Margret Susan Barbara Vince – Green Party

Calverton Ward (3)

John Bailey – N/A

Pat Bosworth – Independent

Lorraine Kathleen Brown – The Conservative Party Candidate

Boyd Bryan Elliott – The Conservative Party Candidate

Sam Gordon – Independent

Mike Hope – Independent

Darcy Autumn Inchboard – Labour Party

Sarah Emily Smith – Labour Party

Jane Maria Walker – The Conservative Party Candidate

Dean Anthony Wilson – Labour Party

Carlton Ward (2)

Annabelle Lucy Banner – Conservative Party Candidate

Graham Terrance Clive Dewberry – Liberal Democrat

Kai Benjamin Harrison – Conservative Party Candidate

Johnathan On Kay Ho – Liberal Democrat

Catherine Patricia Pope – Labour Party

Ruth Geraldine Tanner – Green Party

Paul O’Neil Wilkinson – Labour Party

Carlton Hill Ward (3)

Joseph Roger Conboy – Liberal Democrat

Jim Creamer – Labour Party

Paul Feeney – Labour Party

Anthony John Gillam – Liberal Democrat

Yvonne Michele Godwin – Conservative Party Candidate

James Victor Greensmith – Conservative Party Candidate

Nadia Hajat – Liberal Democrat

Steve Swann – Conservative Party Candidate

Cavendish Ward (2)

Pat Blandamer – Conservative Party Candidate

Liz Clunie – Labour Party

Andrew Mark Dunkin – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Gary Graham Gregory – Independent

Karen Gregory – Independent

Dwayne Anthony Henry – Labour

Paul Anthony Hughes – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Collette Sharon Osborne – Conservative Party Candidate

Colwick Ward (1)

Kevin Backhouse Doyle – The Conservative Party Candidate

Paul Richard Milburn – Liberal Democrat

Russell Whiting – Labour Party

Coppice Ward (2)

Mick Abbott – Conservative Party Candidate

Marje Paling – Labour Party

Mark Simons – Liberal Democrat

Jim Stuart – Green Party

Geoff Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Henry Thomas Neil Wheeler – Labour Party

Daybrook Ward (2)

Sandra Jean Barnes – Labour Party

Kyle Anthony Robinson-Payne – Labour Party

Melissa Simone Seaton – Conservative Party Candidate

Chris Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Dumbles Ward (1)

Helen Monique Greensmith – The Conservative Party Candidate

Catherine Leigh O’Riordan – Liberal Democrat

Ian Nigel Smith – Green Party

Daniel John Taylor – Labour Party

Ernehale Ward (2)

Judy Barson – Liberal Democrat

Ged Clarke – Conservative Party Candidate

David Sidney Ellis – Labour and Co-operative

Roxanne Elizabeth Ellis – Labour and Co-operative

Paul Richard Key – Independent

Desmond Paul Peet – Independent

Jason Martin Stansfield – Liberal Democrat

Sue Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Gedling Ward (2)

Maggie Dunkin – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Charlie Godwin – Conservative Party Candidate

Jenny Hollingsworth – Labour Party

Darren Robert Maltby – Conservative Party Candidate

James O’Riordan – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Lynda Jane Pearson – Labour Party

Netherfield Ward (2)

Laurence James Baldwin – Green Party

William John Clarke – Labour Party

Michel Flor-Henry – Conservative Party Candidate

Essop Hajat – Liberal Democrat

Alison Lesley Hunt – Labour Party

Mick Murphy – Conservative Party Candidate

Newstead Abbey Ward (3)

Stuart James Bestwick – The Conservative Party Candidate

Paul Anthony Bruch – Liberal Democrat

Sharon Dawn Butterworth – Labour Party

Jim Heath – Liberal Democrat

Cleon Tundy Alexander Nelson – Labor Party

Sue Pickering – The Conservative Party Candidate

Martin David Smith – The Conservative Party

John Antony Sutherland – Liberal Democrat

Carol Ann Wright – Labour Party

Phoenix Ward (2)

Andrew James Armstrong – Labour Party

Alan Sydney Bexon – Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Mark Ellwood – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Tracy Maltby – Conservative Party Candidate

Richard Mark Shipley – Labour Party

Cliev John Towsey-Hinton – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Plains Ward (3)

Max Beeken – Liberal Democrat

David Jonathan Brocklebank – Labour Party

Luke Martin Dunkin – Liberal Democrat

Martin Nigel Gladwell – Liberal Democrat

Ed Jayamaha – Conservative Party Candidate

Grahame David Pope – Labour Party

Keith Trevor Seaton – Conservative Party Candidate

Margaret Ruth Strong – Labour Party

Carol Ann Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Porchester Ward (3)

Linda Susan Adams – Conservative Party Candidate

Roy Douglas Allan – Labour Party

Alan Peter Morrell Dawson – Liberal Democrat

Tony Jenkins – Conservative Party Candidate

Julie Najuk – Labour Party

Dennis Penaluna – Green Party

Alison Joy Smith – Conservative Party Candidate

Hannah Claire Nilda Soar – Liberal Democrat

Robert Andrew Swift – Liberal Democrat

Michelle Welsh – Labour Party

Redhill Ward (2)

Kathryn Fox – Labour Party

Tad Jones – Liberal Democrat

Gerry Kenwood – Conservative Party Candidate

Kevin Charles Lock – Conservative Party Candidate

Michael Richard Payne – Labour Party

David Neil Snodgrass – Liberal Democrat

Trent Valley Ward (2)

Mike Adams – Conservative Party Candidate

Richard Ian Macduff Fife – Liberal Democrat

Richard Douglas Fletcher – Labour Party

John Edward Flynn – Liberal Democrat

Muhammad Ebadullah Malik – Labour Party

Sam Thomas Smith – Conservative Party Candidate

Woodthorpe Ward (2)

Suzanna Jayne Adams – Conservative Party Candidate

Steven James Clarke – Green Party

Ron McCrossen – Labour Party

Viv McCrossen – Labour Party

Roger Mark Patterson – Liberal Democrat

Myles Maurice Pike – Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Julian Swift – Liberal Democrat

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