Friday 23 February 2024
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Long Eaton: 1,000 properties without power after high voltage fault

Engineers are attending the incident.

National Grid said:

‘We are aware of this power cut incident which was raised at 8:02am this morning and our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible.

‘We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.’

‘Reason for outage: There is a fault on our high voltage network in your area which we are working hard to resolve.’

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National Grid expect power to be fully restored by 11:30 am 21 December.

Screenshot 2023 12 21 at 08.43.31

Post codes affected:

DE72 2HP NG10 1AG NG10 1AP NG10 1AS NG10 1DH NG10 3AB NG10 3AD NG10 3AE NG10 3AF NG10 3AG NG10 3AL NG10 3AN NG10 3AP NG10 3AQ NG10 3AR NG10 3AT NG10 3AU NG10 3AW NG10 3AY NG10 3BB NG10 3BE NG10 3BG NG10 3BH NG10 3BJ NG10 3BL NG10 3BN NG10 3BP NG10 3BQ NG10 3BT NG10 3BU NG10 3BX NG10 3BZ NG10 3FQ NG10 3FR NG10 3FS NG10 3FT NG10 3FU NG10 3HY NG10 3JL NG10 3JN NG10 3JP NG10 3LS NG10 3LT NG10 3LU NG10 3LW NG10 3LX NG10 3LY NG10 3LZ NG10 3NA NG10 3NQ NG10 3NW NG10 3PY NG10 3PZ NG10 3SX NG10 3SY NG10 3SZ NG10 3XL

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