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Man has prize tricycle stolen from a Nottingham Tesco bike area

The store worker builds and collects the bikes and has parts shipped over from China as part of a hobby that started 10 years ago.

A man has been left devastated after having his beloved hand-built tricycle stolen from a secure area at a supermarket.

Tricycle enthusiast Alex Coates had parked his distinctive vehicle outside Hucknall’s Tesco Extra in a gated area, but had the £400 trike stolen by thieves who snapped the armrest to free it.

The store worker builds and collects the bikes and has parts shipped over from China as part of a hobby that started 10 years ago.

The 22-year-old from Annesley is hugely disappointed. He said: “I’m shocked that someone would do something like this.

“The bikes are a big part of my life and I’ve always been interested in them. Over the years I’ve had them shipped across from China and loved building them and using them for general errands.

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“I’ve been riding the tricycle for many years and I use them as a way to get to work, reduce my carbon footprint and it’s a great way to keep fit. It has a back seat that I use to give my friends and family lifts places.

“I had parked it up securely, but I was told that vandals had broken into the staff area and taken the trike.

“They’ve broken the gate in the process and also stolen batteries from the trolley recovery machines. I think they were in and out pretty quickly, literally six to seven minutes and they were gone.

“The whole situation is a real inconvenience and I believe they will just try to sell on the parts as the bike will have been damaged by the way they took it. It’s not really worth much now, so I’m gutted that something so precious to me, will just get sold on as scrap metal.

“Hopefully someone will spot the parts or this distinctive trike being sold and get in touch with the police. I don’t understand why people would steal and break something that isn’t as valuable to them.”

Officers are asking for the public to keep an eye online and out and about in the local area for the distinctive red trike.

Police Constable Connor Laxton is leading the investigation following the incident in Hucknall earlier this month. He said: “Obviously the tricycle is hugely unique, so it’s our hope by issuing these images that someone will recognise it and get in touch.

“It was taken outside Tesco Extra in Hucknall around 3am on 2 November, so if anyone saw anything suspicious in the area then please get in touch to help with our enquiries.

“The offender also caused damage to a gate at the supermarket and stole some batteries from some a trolley machine belonging to the supermarket in Ashgate Road.

“If you have spotted the bike then please call 101, quoting incident number 480 of 2 November 2020.”

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