Sunday 28 May 2023
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Man robbed of £13,000 Rolex in Nottingham street robbery

Police have made three arrests after an expensive Rolex watch was snatched from the wrist of its owner in Nottingham. 

A man was leaving a bar in Alfreton Road, Radford, when he was approached by a group of people.

They then threatened the victim and forced him to hand over his watch, which was valued at more than £13,000.

The suspects then fled in the direction of Boden Street following the robbery, which happened at around 10.25pm on 4 February.

Inquiries are still ongoing to find the watch.

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Following an extensive police investigation, police arrested two men, aged 21 and 25, on suspicion of robbery on Monday (20 February).

A 25-year-old man was also then arrested the following day (21 February) on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

Detective Inspector Chris Berryman, of Nottinghamshire Police, said:


“I’d like to praise officers for the persistence they’ve shown while investigating this shocking incident.

“As a force we’re completely opposed to any form of violence taking place in our communities and are determined to eradicate invasive crimes such as robberies from our streets.

“Nobody has the right to threaten people and take items that don’t belong to them – this behaviour simply won’t be tolerated by Nottinghamshire Police.

“We have now arrested three suspects as part of this investigation, but our inquiries are still ongoing, so we’d ask anyone with any further information to get in touch with us.

“Information can be left by calling the police on 101, quoting incident 839 of 4 February 2023, while people can also make an anonymous report to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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