Wednesday 21 February 2024
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New defibrillator installed at The Friary thanks to local councillor and community fundraising

The Friary on Musters Road is the site of the latest defibrillator in West Bridgford.

The defibrillator was purchased with funds raised by West Bridgford Colts FC, County Councillor Jonathan Wheeler through his Council Divisional fund and fundraising by members of the local community.


Cllr Jonathan Wheeler told the Wire: ‘It is great to see another defibrillator in West Bridgford, and a big thank you goes to everyone who helped raise funds, and to the Friary for allowing it to be installed on their building.

“Of course we hope it never needs to be used but hopefully it reassures local residents to know this is available if needed.

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Peter Stansbury, Chairman of West Bridgford Colts told the Wire:

“West Bridgford Colts is proud to support the phenomenal fundraising that has enabled the purchase of the defibrillator at The Friary.

“Our club has seen at first hand how important it is to have defibrillators accessible in as many places as possible and welcome the installation of another defibrillator in West Bridgford.

“Cllr Wheeler has helped fund and promote eight defibrillators in our local community and we are pleased to support this important addition at an ideal location



In September 2021, three local women, Shaghufta Zaro, Emma Brown and Sadie Levitsky ran the 5k Inflatable Run at Colwick Race Course, organised by UK Running Events, with their kids. They all have sons who play football for the Colts.


Following a tragic event in their community, they decided to use the run to raise money towards the purchase of a defibrillator and initially set a goal of £500.

However, thanks to incredible generosity from their Colts families, friends, neighbours and their own families, they had to keep upping their target, eventually raising an impressive £2,700.


The majority of this went towards the purchase of the Friary defibrillator and a small amount was given to a Nottingham primary school which is also raising money to purchase one, because they have students with heart conditions.


Raising money for defibrillators was important to Sadie whose husband had survived a sudden cardiac arrest in December 2019.

Paramedics arrived on the scene with a defibrillator within minutes but she performed CPR until they arrived.

She explained that she gained the confidence to do this from a CPR training course she had attended only a few months earlier which was provided for free by her son’s local cricket club, Ellerslie.

She would encourage everyone to sign up for a course because the seconds and minutes before a defib arrives on the scene to take over are often crucial.

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