Thursday 23 May 2024
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New images of Colwick Fish Pass construction progress

Latest images from the Environment Agency’s Fish pass construction.

Photos show the concrete capping works to the fish pass channel progressing and works to one of the bridges over the channel underway.

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© Colwick Country Park

Holme Sluices, owned by the Environment Agency, is the largest single barrier to fish migration on the River Trent.

The sluice gates span the river and maintain different upstream and downstream water levels, leaving fish unable to pass through.

There are a number of barriers to fish migration within the River Trent catchment, including Holme Sluices, which is the largest barrier to the natural migration of fish in the Midlands.

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Simon Ward, Fisheries Technical Specialist at the Environment Agency, said:

“By installing a fish passage, it will become easier for salmon and other fish to reach their spawning and feeding grounds.

“We are working with partners to improve the situation and hope that the Colwick Park fish pass will serve as a catalyst for other Trent Gateway projects, which will in turn enhance the river and boost the local economy.

“We will work with Nottingham City Council to make Colwick Country Park in Nottingham the hub for Trent Gateway. Plans could include a visitor centre telling the story of the Trent, its history, ecology and how it has shaped communities along its length for centuries.

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•  Work starts at Colwick (Holme Sluices) Fish Pass – the largest in the UK

“The benefits of the new fish pass include enabling access to additional spawning habitat upstream, with the potential to increase the number of fish species in the River Trent, promote awareness of fish passes and river equality, provide educational and engagement opportunities, and attract more visits by anglers to the area and boost the local economy.”

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© Colwick Country Park

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