Tuesday 23 July 2024
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No chocolate shortage despite Nottinghamshire strike threat say manufacturers

The GMB Union which represents workers at Cargill in Worksop suggested that a strike vote by its members could cause a shortage in the run up to Christmas.

GMB Union said on 9 November

Cameron Mitchell, GMB Organiser, said:

“The spectre of Christmas without this beloved yuletide treat [ Ferrero Rocher ]  would be devastating.

“That’s exactly what’s on the cards if company bosses don’t act urgently to avoid strike action.

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“Workers aren’t demanding gold-wrapped pay-outs, instead they’re asking for a pay packet that covers the bills.

A spokesperson for Cargill said in response:

‘The GMB union at our Worksop facility in Nottinghamshire has taken a vote to confirm their intent to strike.

‘At this time, however, employees are not on strike–operations continue as usual and employees are on the job.

‘Cargill has contingency plans in place to continue providing chocolate to our customers if a strike does occur.

‘We do not currently have, nor do we anticipate, a chocolate shortage or adverse supply chain impact to any of our customers.

‘Regarding pay negotiations, we can confirm Cargill has made a market competitive offer of a 5.5% increase, as well as an £1,400 one-time bonus payment, as we greatly value our employees and the work they do.

‘Twelve of our 34 employees at Worksop belong to the GMB union and we hope we can come to a collaborative agreement.’

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