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Nottinghamshire fast food delivery driver jailed for sex offences

A fast food delivery driver from Nottinghamshire has been jailed for using his job to get access to the homes of young women to photograph and film them in intimate situations.

Stanislaw Filipiak, 39, from Netherfield, filmed a series of young women in their homes in situations including showering, getting changed and in bed.

He used his job to find out where young women lived and to get access to their properties without arousing suspicion and filmed them through windows.

On one occasion he was seen opening a ground floor bathroom window while the victim was showering.

Filipiak’s offences were uncovered when he was arrested after behaving suspiciously near two properties.

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While investigating these offences, his phone was analysed and photos and videos of seven young women, including students, were found, as well as photos of items in the apartment where the bathroom window had been opened.

Filipiak was charged with stalking for the two incidents leading to his arrest and, following close consultation between the police and CPS, he was charged with voyeurism and trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence for the material on his phone. He pleaded guilty to the voyeurism offences in April 2023 and in August pleaded guilty to the trespassing offence.

On Friday 27 October, at Nottingham Crown Court he was sentenced to a total prison term of nine years – six years imprisonment with an extended licence of three years. He was also issued with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order to ensure he will not be able to act this way in future.

Sarah Sanderson from the CPS said: “Stanislaw Filipiak’s offending was extremely concerning and it is fortunate that he has been stopped. He had preyed on young women in their private moments when they had every right to feel safe in their homes, using the cover of job delivering fast food to avoid suspicion.

“As well as the clear evidence of voyeurism, there was evidence of a more serious, sinister intent behind his actions. This evidence suggested his offending could have become increasingly more harmful, so it is fortunate that he has been caught and dealt with before that could happen.”

Detective Inspector Chris Berryman said: “The investigation team showed great perseverance and determination to identify all of the victims in this case.

“This was not an easy task and involved good investigation work from looking at distinctive windows, car parks, rubbish bins found on Filipiak’s mobile phone recordings and linking them back to the victim’s addresses.

“This enabled us to get justice for all of the victims and demonstrate how dangerous this sexual predator was and the risk he presented in the future. The sentence reflects his conduct and the good investigative work prevented an escalation in offending.”

Filipiak was also sentenced for an unconnected offence of possession of an offensive weapon.

Building the case:

Bringing Stanislaw Filipiak to justice was the result of a successful partnership approach between the CPS prosecutor and the police officer investigating the case.

Given the seriousness of the offence, Filipiak was charged on the threshold test, which allows the CPS to charge a suspect before all the evidence is in place. CPS and police colleagues met at an early stage to build the case, with the prosecutor identifying the evidence required and the police undertaking painstaking analysis of Filipiak’s phone and tracing his movements.

As well as the photos and videos of the victims, evidence was found of internet searches about the CCTV in Nottingham, 24-hour key-cutting services and pornographic sites relating to students, Nottingham and rape.

The phone analysis also revealed photos of personal details and items from inside the apartment where the victim had noticed the bathroom window being opened. The CPS served this and internet searches about the victim as evidence of Filipiak having been inside the property and his intent to return to commit a sexual offence.

Phone records and evidence of the movements of his moped were used to place him near the apartment at the time of the incident with the bathroom window.

This and other evidence was served on the defence to ensure Filipiak’s only option was to plead guilty to the offences and presented to the court at sentencing to demonstrate the risk his conduct posed to the community.

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