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ØKENDE to open Nottingham city centre restaurant and coffee shop

West Bridgford favourite ØKENDE has plans for a large Nottingham city restaurant and coffee shop, and it’s already serving takeaways!

ØKENDE opened in Gordon Road in 2018 and quickly became a favourite among residents and visitors for its high-quality coffee, amazing bakery products, fine wines and more recently pizza and pasta nights.

All the coffee served is carefully selected from roasters all over the world, showcasing the best they can get their hands on highlighting different origins on a rotating selection.

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You can get coffee to takeaway or take a seat now

Owner Josh Rowe has been looking for a city venue in Nottingham for some time, and recently secured a canalside venue on Carrington Street near Nottingham Station.

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We caught up with Josh to see what’s happening now, and to see the transformation work that’s planned for the future of the independent West Bridgford-based business.

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The premises was formerly home to The Picnic Basket, but that has been closed for six years.

ØKENDE sits right next to the canal bridge on the eastern side of Carrington Street which has recently undergone heritage shopfront improvements by Nottingham City Council.

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Downstairs is split by archways into two rooms
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Plans for the transformation

Currently, there’s a small coffee shop frontage serving coffee and pastries to people who pass by with some seating too. But behind the false wall, there lies a huge premises over two floors, 150 sq m in all – five times larger than the West Bridgford coffee shop.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8 am until 2 pm ( soon the be extended! )

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False wall in background behind the current working shopfront and coffee machine

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The beautiful period building has features left from the days of loading barges on the Nottingham – Beeston Canal, large loading doors and warehouse arches can be seen surrounded by bare brick walls.

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Josh explained his plans for the site.

He will be joined by Ricki, the former restaurant director for Nottingham’s Alchemilla and Mollis brands in the city.

Former Alchemilla restaurant manager is joining as assistant manager for ØKENDE and will also run the wine offering.

A full bakery is planned, this is again around five times larger than the bakery at the West Bridgford coffee shop.

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View of Okende from Carrington Street canal bridge – the two floors

Upstairs, the business will serve coffee and pastries both sit-down and takeaway.

The downstairs area will be coffee shop seating during the day and also house the new bakery and the 40-seat restaurant – transforming into a canalside dining experience during the evenings.

Foot traffic is already high because of the railway station, and with thousands of people passing this area every day, it’s likely to be a hit with city visitors and residents. Improvements to the southern approach to Nottingham city centre like the Green Heart and Broad Marsh projects are also just a few years away from ØKENDE’s new project.

Pizza and pasta nights continue at the Gordon Road West Bridgford site tonight for the next two weeks. Bookings via

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View from the canalside from the large ‘loading door’
WhatsApp Image 2023 03 20 at 16.40.49 3
Plans for thhe room in the picture above include the bakery

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