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West Bridgford
Thursday, 15 April 2021

Police seize off-road bike at Holme Pierrepont after public tip-off


They caught up with the bike outside the RSPCA at Radcliffe.

Police said:

‘Operation Reacher were out on patrol around Holme Pierrepont this afternoon when members of the public made us aware of an off-road motorbike on Holme Lane.

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‘After a short time officers came across the bike on the A52 where he had unfortunately stopped having stalled the bike outside the RSPCA centre, officers reacted swiftly and detained the rider.

‘The rider has subsequently been reported for numerous offences and his bike seized!

‘Now the weather is starting to improve we’re anticipating an increase in off-road bikes being out.

‘Help us to get these off our roads and keep public places safe for us all to enjoy…….keep the information coming folks!’