Monday 4 March 2024
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Police warn of Rushcliffe speeding crackdown as Mobile Speed Camera Vehicle on patrol at residents’ request

Police officers from the Rushcliffe Operation Reacher team are teaming up with the mobile camera officers to tackle speeding motorists.

Officers from the Rushcliffe Operation Reacher team have teamed up with the Traffic Safety Camera Team as part of targeted work around speeding in the area.
The force told us:
‘Residents have been telling us that they’ve seen an increase in speeding, so we’ve brought out the big guns.
‘It’s just one way we are tackling the issues that you are telling us are a priority.
‘Speeding is one of the ‘fatal four’ offences and is one of the top contributors to deaths on the road and officers were out across the area  ensuring drivers were keeping to a safe speed limit.
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‘We all need to do our bit and keep to the speed limits.
‘Roads are getting busier as we come out of lockdowns, working from home is becoming a thing of the past and children are also on their summer holidays now.
‘Let’s all do our bit and make the roads a safer place to be, and thank you to everyone for their continued efforts in helping us with this.
‘Please watch your speed as you’re out and about and enjoy the summer holidays safely.’
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