Thursday 22 February 2024
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Ruth Edwards ‘delighted’ as Rushcliffe gets Government funding to boost energy efficiency

Ruth Edwards has welcomed the announcement of £1.2 million in Government funding to boost energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions at Cotgrave Leisure Centre.

This comes as part of the £409 million Government Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills for hospitals, schools, museums, universities, and other public sector buildings across England.

The funding for Rushcliffe Borough Council to upgrade the Cotgrave Leisure Centre will see low-carbon technology such as air source heat pumps, solar panels and building fabric upgrades installed.

Cotgrave Leisure Centre will benefit from over 1.2m of BEIS and Salix grant funding scaled

Nottinghamshire has previously benefitted from this fund as £71 million was granted to upgrade the windows at the Queen’s Medical Centre and £25 million was awarded to replace the coal and oil-fired boilers at the City hospital with more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

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Ruth asking about energy efficiency schemes in BEIS select committee

Across England, it is not only public buildings that will benefit, with a wider £1.4 billion fund for local authorities and charities to increase household energy efficiency, saving residents money on energy bills and supporting 20,000 jobs.

These schemes form part of the government’s commitment to reduce overall UK energy demand by 15% by 2030, as well as supporting the ambition for the UK to move towards greater energy independence and reduce the amount that we spend on energy bills.

The Rushcliffe MP has long been a supporter of greater energy efficiency measures in both households and public buildings. She most recently questioned Energy Secretary Grant Shapps, as part of what was the BEIS Select Committee. Ruth asked the Energy Secretary when new schemes to increase the energy efficiency of owner-occupied homes would be rolled out.

On today’s announcement, Ruth said “I am thrilled that Rushcliffe will receive this extra funding to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions of the Leisure Centre in Cotgrave.

“Leisure centres are much-loved community facilities. It’s important that we invest in their energy efficiency to reduce their carbon footprint and make them cheaper to run for the benefit of local communities.

“I am delighted that Rushcliffe Borough Council is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and this funding is a great step forward in making our public spaces more environmentally friendly”

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