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Suspected drug dealer on electric bike arrested in Radford

Police chased down a suspected drug dealer on foot when he tried to flee on an electric bike.

City knife crime team officers were out on patrol in Radford when they spotted two people acting suspiciously.

Suspecting they might be trying to buy drugs, a member of the policing team followed them while in plain clothes.

Shortly after that initial spot – at 11:40 am on Monday (22 January) – a person on a bike arrived and handed something over.

Believing a drug deal had just happened, the knife crime team started to move in, at which point the mystery rider spotted the officers.

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They then tried to speed away but didn’t get far before one officer grabbed them from the electric bike after chasing after them on foot.

A search was subsequently carried out that led to around 40 wraps of suspected heroin and crack cocaine being discovered.

Quantities of cash and a burner-style phone were also recovered by the team.

In addition to this, the bike rider was made to complete a roadside drug wipe, which tested positive for traces of cocaine and cannabis.

A 16-year-old boy stopped at the scene and was arrested on suspicion of possessing with intent to supply Class A drugs.

He was also arrested on suspicion of operating a mechanically propelled vehicle in public without due care and attention, and while under the influence of drugs.

Sergeant Matt Daley, of Nottinghamshire Police’s city knife crime team, said:

“We go out on the streets each day with the intention of identifying criminal activity – namely weapon-enabled crime but also looking for things like drug activity too.

“Mixing uniformed and plain-clothed officers is one of the tactics we use during these daily patrols, due to it helping us uncover criminality that might have otherwise gone undetected.

“This incident provided a good example of this, as we were able to spot suspicious activity, follow it up, and ultimately chase down and arrest a suspected drug dealer.

“While our priority as a team is to target those who could be knife carriers in order to keep our communities safe, taking drugs off the streets is also important, so we’re pleased with this result.”

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