Thursday 22 February 2024
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Trains: EMR announces faster and more frequent London routes

East Midlands Railway’s (EMR) service between Nottingham and London will be quicker and more frequent when the company introduces its new timetable on May, 16.

The changes will provide more seats, quicker journeys, and a simpler and more resilient timetable for communities across its network, with earlier and later services supporting leisure, business and tourism journeys.

Passengers travelling from Nottingham are set to benefit from several specific enhancements to the current service, including quicker peak journey times to London St Pancras International and consistent departure times through the day.

Day trippers or passengers wanting more flexibility will also be able to take advantage of the new timetable which will see the first train arrives at London approximately one hour 30 minutes earlier than today and the last train 30 minutes later.

Also, EMR has designed the timetable in a way which keeps the fastest off-peak journey times to London under one hour 45 minutes in most cases.

The new timetable is made possible by the successful delivery of the £1.5 billion Midland Main Line Upgrade by Network Rail, working in partnership with EMR and other neighbouring train operators.

Examples of New Timetable

Nottingham to London St Pancras (old journey and time in brackets)

04:20 – 06:09 – one hour 49 minutes (new service)
04:40 – 06:34 – one hour 54 minutes (new service)
05:14 – 07:03 – one hour 49 minutes (new service)
05:51 – 07:31 – one hour 40 minutes (05:32 – 07:36 (two hours four minutes)
06:12 – 07:56 – one hour 44 minutes (06:31 – 08:24 (one hour 53 minutes)
06:49 – 08:27 – one hour 38 minutes (06:52 – 08:41 (one hour 49 minutes)
07:12 – 08:57 – one hour 45 minutes (07:11 – 09:08 (one hour 57 minutes)
07:49 – 09:24 – one hour 35 minutes (08:00 – 09:38 (one hour 38 minutes)

Will Rogers, Managing Director of East Midlands Railway, said: “This new timetable represents an exciting new chapter for train services in the region and will bring significant benefits to the communities we serve, including the city of Nottingham.

“The £1.5 billion Midland Main Line upgrade has allowed us to provide more seats, quicker journeys and a simpler, more resilient timetable.

“It has been an incredible team effort to put this timetable in place, especially during a period so heavily affected by covid and that is why we are so proud to be able to launch this new timetable.

“It will enable better regional and intercity connectivity, helping people get to work and enjoy their leisure time, and provides a timely and welcome boost to our local economies and passengers.”