Thursday 22 February 2024
7.7 C

Transport Police arrest drunk man trespassing near Nottingham railway tracks

British Transport Police in Nottingham issued the update today.

A spokesperson said:

‘Officers on preventative cable theft patrols with network rail came across an intoxicated individual lineside ( on railway track area. )

‘Despite best efforts to obtain details or how he had got in a lineside location failed.

‘The male was arrested for trespass after refusing to comply.’

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Network Rail said: “We use fences to mark the boundary of our land.

‘They also serve as a deterrent to prevent trespass and vandalism.

‘Part of a structure, buildings – and occasionally natural screens of thorny shrubs – can also act as railway boundaries.’

‘Cable theft costs us millions of pounds each year. The total cost to the economy, taking into account the impact of freight delays to power stations and supermarkets, and on passengers who miss appointments or have their day ruined is even higher.’

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