Tuesday 18 January 2022
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Valley Road Christmas Lights fundraiser for The Friary

Wander along with the kids to enjoy the Christmas lights on Valley Road West Bridgford and help raise funds for the Friary, local charity working locally to end homelessness.

If walking past with your dog, please make a donation too!

Local residents Marcos Sala and his family have set up Christmas lights for everyone to enjoy and invite you to donate to the Friary using the QR code displayed on the fence outside their property. You can enjoy a stroll taking in the lights, make an easy donation in the knowledge funds go straight to the fundraising page on the Friary’s Winter Appeal 2021.

Marcos has generously offered to match fund everything raised on the “Marcos Sala Fundraiser” to incentivise local residents to make a donation.

“We have all seen homeless people in our neighbourhood and we want to ensure help is available for them. We are very thankful to Marcos and his family for their fundraising initiative and hope everyone has a happy experience knowing they are doing their bit to help”, says Helen Jones, Marketing & Communications Officer for the Friary.

We need your help to raise £30K

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Help the Friary to help the homeless this winter.

•  Friary Winter Appeal 2021 needs your help to raise £30,000 – nobody deserves to be homeless this winter

If you want to find out more about this charity: www.the-friary.org.uk




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