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Video: Nottingham arsonist who tried to cover his crimes by painting CCTV camera is jailed

Police have today released footage showing the extent to the damage to a shop after an arsonist poured accelerant through an extractor fan before igniting the store.


The footage caught Kirit Patel taking his ladder, spray cans and petrol cans out from his van parked near to the shop, the damage to the kitchen and a short while later he returned his tools to his vehicle.

Following an in-depth investigation detectives used this footage to link Patel to the scene.

Kirit Patel custody picture
Kirit Patel

Officers also found a missing glove at the scene which forensically linked him to the fire.

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The 65-year-old of Flatts Lane in Calverton pleaded guilty to arson with intent to endanger life and criminal damage to the CCTV camera.

Kirit Patel picture2

He appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday (20 September 2021) and was sentenced to three years in prison.

The charges relate to an incident in the early hours of 25 February 2019 in Flatts Lane in Calverton.

Kirit Patel picture3

Emergency services arrived at the scene and there was extensive fire damage to the kitchen area inside the shop.

The sink had been totally burnt and furniture within the room had been melted.

There was also a clear smell of fuel mixed with oil on the floor, and the oil trailed from a brick wall outside.

Investigators found tissue soaked with accelerant and a glove was also recovered from the scene.

Local CCTV overlooking the premises had both been spray painted to cover them, but due to work being conducted at the cafe they had not been recording.

An officer at the scene was then approached by Patel who appeared nervous and was asking lots of questions in relation to what CCTV footage had caught.

Following a review of the footage, he was subsequently arrested on suspicion of arson as he matched the description of the offender from the CCTV evidence.

Detective Constable Gemma Patterson led the investigation. She said: “This was excellent police work to pinpoint Patel at the scene through CCTV footage, but also the forensic team who were able to linked him to the offence through DNA.

“The investigation was complex, as detectives had to work hard to piece together multiple pieces of evidence to understand the events of that morning, including paint comparison to further pinpoint Patel to the criminal damage.

“I am glad the outcome in this case reflects how serious these offences were and shows Nottinghamshire Police’s commitment to keeping people safe.

“Thankfully no one was injured, although the shop was significantly damaged.

“This was a joint effort and I would like to thank Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service for their support with this investigation.”

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