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Wanted prisoner armed with a knife caught by police officers in Nottingham

Using plain clothes tactics, the Radford Road Operation Reacher team went hunting for a man wanted on recall to prison and other offences including possession of a knife.
He was spotted and tracked down to an address in the Bobbers Mill area of Nottingham before he jumped out of the window and ran from the address.

He vaulted spiked fences and ran through gardens in a desperate bid to escape as he was chased by police officers.

The suspect hid in bushes and crossed a field as the police hunt continued.

Finally, after being spotted by council community protection officers who were able to guide the Reacher officers in, the suspect was found in some undergrowth and taken into custody.

The successful team effort, which unfolded on Tuesday afternoon (2 August 2023), also involved neighbourhood policing team members.

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Sergeant Mark Westlake, of the Radford Road Operation Reacher team, said:

“Despite conditions that could only be described as ‘monsoon-like’, the wanted suspect attempted to evade capture by vaulting spiked fences and running through several gardens.

“Everyone involved was utterly drenched, and their clothing soaked through to the skin, but that didn’t kerb their enthusiasm.

“The dedication, commitment, and determination displayed by all officers, given the conditions, was exceptional and it was an excellent example of how several police departments can work together to achieve results.

“It also highlights how Operation Reacher will continue to use a wide variety of tactics to locate and bring to justice those who cause the most issues, concern and fear within our communities.”

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