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West Bridgford business specialises in Victorian and Edwardian windows and doors

Just over a year from the official opening of their West Bridgford showroom, Derwent Windows & Doors is delighted to report that after all the effort, trials and tribulations of the past three years.

Who would have known what was to follow when the lease was signed in mid-January 2020, less than three months later the whole country would be in lockdown and all Derwent Windows & Door’s best-laid plans would lie in tatters.

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Derwent Windows & Doors were originally intending to open their new showroom in May 2020, but with various lockdowns, supply chain issues and an overwhelming order book to fulfil, the West Bridgford showroom finally opened 18 months later than planned.

Managing Director Robert Walters said:

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“You try and make plans to foresee potential problems that may have delayed the opening of our new West Bridgford showroom, and then Covid comes along and turns everything upside down”. 

“The situation was made even more difficult because the new showroom wasn’t open for business by the time of the first lockdown, and no government support or grants were available to the West Bridgford showroom.  

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“It felt at times like we were up the creek without a paddle”. 

The future is now looking much brighter and after the first year of having the showroom open in West Bridgford, all the heartache and effort have been worthwhile.                                                       Derwent Windows & Doors feel well-placed for another positive year in 2023.

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There’s a fantastic range of bespoke, high-quality timber windows and doors and timber alternative sash windows beautifully displayed in their West Bridgford showroom. 

The showroom is in the former National & Provincial Bank and is an incredible piece of architecture that lends itself perfectly to displaying the high quality on offer.

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The West Bridgford Showroom is the second showroom open and run by Derwent Windows & Doors. The Other showroom is located in Ripley, Derbyshire and is in the sight of a former church.

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Ripley showroom

After servicing the West Bridgford area for the last 20 years from their Derbyshire Showroom, Managing Director Rob Walters couldn’t resist the opportunity that presented itself when the premises became available to lease on Pavilion Road.

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Rob said:

“The majority of work that we carry out is on period properties throughout the East Midlands. 

“West Bridgford has always been a good area for us over the last 20 years due to the high concentration of Victorian and Edwardian properties that is the mainstay of the majority of our installations we undertake.

“It’s very important that our showrooms reflect period properties so that we can accurately display the intricate and skilled work that goes into replacing windows and doors and ensure the customer can see exactly what they are getting”.

“I had been looking for the last five years for the right premises in West Bridgford, but I just couldn’t find anything suitable that would do the windows and doors we offer justice. 

“When the building became available, the decision was made quickly, and the wheels were set in motion”.

After all the hard work and dedication of the Derwent Windows Team in getting the showroom open, the new West Bridgford showroom now looks set for a bright future in 2023. 

West Bridgford Showroom Opening times

Reopens Wednesday the 4th of January 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

West Bridgford Telephone: 0115 981 877

Ripley Telephone: 01773 747 456


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