Thursday 26 May 2022
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14-year-old girl assaulted in Bridgford Park by group who filmed the incident

A West Bridgford mum is appealing for witnesses after her 14-year-old daughter was reportedly violently attacked in an unprovoked assault near Bridgford Park.


It happened by the ‘teenage play area’ at around 4:50 pm on Friday 6 May on Bridge Field ( where dog walkers are often present ) opposite Bridgford Road Co-op.

The girl’s mother told The Wire:

‘My daughter was with her friends walking across the field when a group of four teenagers approached them, who they didn’t know.

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Bridge Field
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“There were two girls and two boys, one was wearing a balaclava.

“They asked my daughter ‘what she was looking at’ and the two teenage girls then punched and kicked her – one of them filmed it on their mobile device, whilst still attacking her.

“I am desperate for any witnesses to report what they saw to the police, as the park was busy.

“Her friends were all terrified but were told by one of the gang they would also be attacked if they tried to call police or intervene.

“Luckily my daughter and her friends managed to escape and went to a local shop to safety.

“The group were seen leaving the back of the park towards Ella Road.

“My daughter was left with a bloodied and bruised face and nose, but incredibly no serious injuries.

“But it could have been much worse.

“They have all been left shocked and upset . Somebody must know someone in this group of four.

“It’s unbelievable this could happen in a busy park and I am frightened it could happen again.

All the suspects are thought to be aged between 13 to 15.


If you saw anything please call 101 Nottinghamshire Police quoting incident number 0661-06052022.

Nottinghamshire Police has been contacted for comment.

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