Thursday 22 February 2024
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£5.6m funding for Nottinghamshire 10-year drugs strategy

Nottinghamshire is set to receive a £5.6m funding boost over the next three years to implement the government’s 10 year Drugs Strategy: From Harm to Hope and procure inpatient detoxification beds.

As part of the Strategy, upper tier local authorities are required to provide additional detoxification places and increase the number and quality of places within substance misuse treatment services for young people, adults, children affected by parent substance misuse and those who are in the criminal justice system.

The County Council is currently working alongside its All Age Treatment and Recovery Service, Change Grow Live (CGL), and other partners to determine the level of services that will be required in Nottinghamshire.

*Estimates indicate that at least 172,725 Nottinghamshire residents could benefit from a substance misuse intervention.

Locally, there are around 4,436 people who are dependent on opiates and or crack with 131,011 adults drinking at harmful levels and around 21,632 who are alcohol- dependent. Alcohol represents the greatest need.

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In addition to the new funding, the County Council already invests £8.9m a year in its All Age Treatment and Recovery Service. CGL have approximately 4,500 people in treatment at any one time, 20% of which successfully leave the service drug and or alcohol free, which is in line with the national average and local authority neighbours. These people report improvements in mental wellbeing, employment opportunities, improved housing situations and overall quality of life (2020/2021 data).

One person who is being supported by CGL said: “It’s been one hell of an emotional roller coaster, but I really am beginning to understand that I was in the grips of addiction, and this was the only place to save me.  My life is changing for the better so much, I love it, I’m so glad I’m doing six months I wouldn’t be ready yet, but I know I’ll be ready for sure to spend the rest of my life in recovery… I’m forever in your debt for getting me into here.”

Councillor Boyd Elliott, Chairman of Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee, said: “We have a good track record in Nottinghamshire of maintaining our investment in substance misuse support and this is reflected in the outcomes for local people. We look forward to putting this further investment to use and working with our partners as part of the government’s 10 year Drugs Strategy.

“There is hope of recovery with the right support. CGL are doing some fantastic work to help people get back on track and then following that up with training, education and employment so they can continue to thrive in the longer term.”

The County Council is also proposing to establish two new posts to support the local implementation of the Drugs Strategy.

Read the full committee report.

*Based on national data which estimates the size of the problem and calculates figures based on the population size for Nottinghamshire.

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