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A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020: Two lanes to close on Clifton Lane from 20 June

Two lanes on the B679 Clifton Lane will close later this month, with all four lanes closing over a weekend.


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A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020 – All four lanes on the B679 will close over that weekend. See full update on the works so far.


A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020

Highways England’s Midlands regional director, Catherine Brookes, said:

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“Our work at Clifton Bridge will ensure it can be used for years to come.

“With substantial repairs getting underway, our priority is to complete work as soon as we safely can and to keep disruption to a minimum where we can.

“The repair we need to carry out is intensely complex.

“We will open more lanes as soon as we are able and thank everyone affected for their patience while we carry out this essential work.”

Updates on A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020 from Highways England 

· Over recent months, we’ve worked with industry-leading engineers on the details of the programme and carried out repairs to drainage systems, steel and concrete inside hollow boxes underneath the bridge.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
June 2020 hydrodemolition inside the bridge sections

· The substantial repair will involve installing new steel cables on the exterior of the bridge as well as replacing the steel and concrete we removed during our investigations inside the structure.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
June 2020 mobile platform in use at the site

· The steel strengthening work taking place inside and underneath the bridge will be unseen by passing motorists above the work area.

· We’re aiming to restore the bridge to its former traffic layout with all lanes back open to motorists by the end of the year.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
Scaffolding at the site in June 2020

· The next phase of our repair work is focused on parts of the bridge south of the river, nearest to and over Clifton Lane.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
The lane closures and next stages of the work are shown on this graphic

· So we can work safely, we need to close two lanes (of four) on the B679 Clifton Lane. This means one lane of traffic will continue to travel in each direction from the mini-roundabout/A52 slip road to the Christadelphian Hall.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
B679 Clifton Lane and the bridge – matching the graphic above

These lane closures will remain in place until our work is finished beneath the bridge.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020

· To safely put in place these lane restrictions, we’ll need to close all four lanes overnight (8 pm-6 am) on both Saturday, 20 June and Sunday, 21 June.

From, Monday 22 June, we encourage motorists to leave extra time for their journeys.

· We appreciate the inconvenience this causes and continue to work with local partners as we work together to keep the city moving.

· We are complying with Public Health England’s guidance on social distancing measures and continue to follow government advice. All our sites have strict safeguarding measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 and none of our sites is open to the public.

· Further information and regular updates are available on our webpage: https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/a52-clifton-bridge-repair-scheme

More information on the project

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020

Why we need this scheme

Clifton Bridge was built in the 1970s. It is subject to regular maintenance and inspection activity, most of which is unseen by the public or passing motorists. During February 2020, the structure was undergoing planned concrete repairs which had been identified during a routine inspection last year (2019). While this work was taking place, our team were able to investigate the steel underneath the road and this investigation work uncovered the need for further repairs to the steelworks, as a result of water damage.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
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12 February 10:00 am

While the structure remains safe, we’ve taken the precautionary measure of putting in place some traffic restrictions across the top of the bridge to prevent the need for further and more disruptive repairs in the future. These restrictions will also allow our teams to work safely underneath the structure. We’re looking at a phased approach to repairs which should allow us to open further lanes as soon as possible.


The aims of this scheme are to:

– install new steel cables to the outside of the structure as part of the substantial repair programme
– repair concrete and drainage systems
– reinstate the structure to its full traffic capacity with all lanes back open to traffic

The scheme in detail

We’ve already been carrying out repairs to drainage systems, steel and concrete underneath the bridge.

Alongside that activity, we’ve also been carrying out detailed design work and analysis to shape our repairs programme on the bridge. This substantial work will see the installation of new steel cables placed on the outside of the bridge allowing for easier maintenance in the future. We will also be repairing steel and concrete which has been damaged by water over the years or removed during investigations. More than 100 people are working to repair the bridge and we’re doing everything we can to get this work done as safely and as quickly as possible.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
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We currently have temporary traffic measures in place on the bridge so that motorists can drive over the road while allowing our repair teams to work safely away from passing vehicles.

The major works are taking place under and within the bridge. We are also working near to public footpaths.

Lane closures, which are necessary for the safety of motorists and our workforce, are in place and will affect traffic and journey times.

A52 Clifton Bridge update June 2020
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12 February 10:00 am

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