Thursday 9 December 2021
5.5 C

ASB, vandalism and verbal abuse at Ruddington’s heritage railway museum

There have been numerous calls to the railway museum at Rushcliffe Country Park in relation to ASB and Criminal Damage say local police officers.

Police said:

‘The site is a valuable part of the Ruddington Community as well as an attraction for visitors from out of the area.

‘Although the lines are not live there are still many hazards to trespassers.

‘The staff and volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the site, and are being subjected to verbal abuse which is unwarranted.

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‘Please speak with your young people about the dangers of playing on train lines and the importance of maintaining our historical places, so that children and adults for years to come can still take pleasure in them.’

•  Ruddington’s Great Central Railway rebrands to Nottingham Heritage Railway



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