Thursday 22 February 2024
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Award winners tour Nottinghamshire Police HQ dog section

The winners of a series of awards that celebrated the achievements inspiring young people were given a tour around Nottinghamshire Police’s dog section.

The prize rounded off force’s first ever Live Our Best Lives awards, which were created as part of Nottinghamshire Police’s Stephen Lawrence Day activities.

The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation was supportive of the awards and Stephen’s brother, Stuart Lawrence encouraged people in Nottingham to nominate their friends and family.

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Stephen Lawrence was murdered on 22 April 1993 and following a public inquiry into the handling of the investigation, the Macpherson Report accused the Metropolitan Police of institutional racism in 1999, leading to police forces across the country making changes to their practices.

The categories for the awards included:

  • The Lyrico Steede Award
  • Rising Above Adversity Award
  • Young Leader of the Year Award
  • Young Performer of the Year Award
  • Bringing People together
  • Young Inspiration

Each winner was given an array of fantastic prizes including vouchers, recording equipment and experience days.

This week’s trip around the dog’s section was the first time the winners met one another. They also had a meeting with Nottinghamshire Police’s Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Barber.

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Tranai Todd, is a sports coach who dedicates his time to helping change the lives of young people. He gave emergency first aid to a stab wound victim on a tram and was the winner of the Young Leader category.

At just 13-years-old, Dylan Ward raised more than £7,500 to help support charity NF2 BioSolutions UK who are currently working to find a cure for Neurofibromatosis type 2, a disease that his mum Joanne and brother Oscar both have. He was awarded the Young Inspiration Award.

Chef Akil Johnson was ‘honoured to win the Lyrico Steede award, named after his friend who was murdered in Nottingham. After his horrific experience as a victim of violence in Nottingham last year, Akil Johnson-Richards chose to channel his focus into a cooking project, helping young people understand the benefits of healthy eating.

Teenager from Forest Fields, Danny Donnelly, who suffered a brain injury following an unprovoked attack, won the Rising Above Adversity Award after studying hard and caring for his dad while recovering from his injuries.

Actor Carnell Thompson is a name to look for in the future. Having already amassed a star-studded CV that includes working with an Oscar-winning director, he was selected as winner of the Young Performer of the Year Award.

Last but not least, filmmaker Anthony Akpovi won the Bringing People Together Award for his inspirational and challenging film, I See Red. The short film sparks conversations around racism, hate and other forms of discrimination.

Youth Outreach Worker Romel Davis, who created the Live Our Best Lives Awards, said: “The Live Our Best Lives Awards was one of the most incredible projects to be apart of.

“I know how talented and inspiring young people are in Nottinghamshire and each and every one of these winners is truly special and has a bright future ahead of them.

“We had to conduct the ceremonies a little bit differently due to Covid-19 so to get everyone together for a tour around HQ and in particular, the dog’s section, was brilliant and it was great for the winners to meet one another.

“We plan to run the awards next year and hopefully will be able to have a proper ceremony, so watch this space.

“It was brilliant to have the support of all our partners too and I am incredibly thankful to the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation for their ongoing support throughout.”