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Buses: NCT announce improved connections to QMC and Clifton


Nottingham City Transport changes services based on feedback.

A spokesperson said:

‘We are looking to balance this obligation with one to enable the essential journeys that some people still have to make and introduced our core network today, 25th March 2020, operating seven days a week between 5 am and 11 pm. This network reflects the significant drop in customer numbers we have seen in the last couple of weeks and we prioritised routes that have been carrying the most people.’

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‘But, based on customer feedback and discussions with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust today, there are clearly some areas we need to address.

NCT will be making the following changes from Sunday 5th April:

· South Notts 1 will have earlier journeys between Clifton and City, with the first bus arriving in to the City for 05:30
· Pathfinder 26 will have an earlier journey and we’re retiming the 26 to better co-ordinate with the 27 along Carlton Road
· Orange 35 will run to and from Bilborough, Strelley and Bulwell on alternate journeys for most of the daytime, with earlier and later buses to meet QMC shift times
· Navy 48X will be added to the core network for The Meadows and Clifton Estate, with a bus that arrives in the City for 05:30. Buses will be hourly until approx. 18:30.
· Ring Road service 53 will have three key early morning journeys added (including Sundays). These will be the 05:13 and 06:09 from Clifton (starting at The Dip) and the 06:10 from Arnold.
· Turquoise 77 will operate every 30 minutes during the daytime
· Turquoise 79 will have earlier journeys and is re-timed to better co-ordinate with the 77 along Alfreton Road

‘David Astill, NCT Commercial and Operations Director stated, “These are difficult times for everyone. We trust by making these changes, it will resolve the main concerns raised about services and provide access to more key workers travelling around Nottingham, as we strike the very difficult balance with complying with government guidance and the significant drop in usage as people stay at home”.

‘The timetables for these changes are being finalised and will be made available by the end of the week.

‘Details of the special timetables currently in operation are available at nctx.co.uk and on the NCTX Buses app’

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