Thursday 29 February 2024
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Drink drive campaign: Almost 200 drivers investigated by Nottinghamshire Police

More than 190 drivers were investigated by Nottinghamshire Police during its festive drink and drug drive campaign.

A widespread crackdown was launched across the county during the force’s innovative ‘A Deadly Mix’ campaign, which ran between 1 December 2023 to 1 January 2024 inclusive.

  • In total, 192 investigations were carried out – with 109 of these drivers being charged to date.
  • Of the total number of investigations, 135 related to drink driving, 49 involved driving under the influence of drugs, and eight concerned both drink and drug driving.
  • There were 45 fewer investigations compared to the same period in the previous year – which was 237.
  • Fifteen drivers provided evidential breath test readings at least three times the legal limit (35ugs in 100ml of breath).
  • The highest reading – provided by a 38-year-old woman – was 167ugs – more than four times the limit.
  • Of the 135 drivers investigated for drink drive offences, 80 percent were men (108 people), and 20 percent were women (27 people).
  • Of the 49 drivers investigated for drug drive offences, 92 percent were women (45 people), and eight percent were men (four people).
  • Those aged between 25-34 accounted for most of the investigations (35 percent/68 people).

As part of its awareness-raising ‘A Deadly Mix’ campaign, Nottinghamshire Police held a series of interactive public roadshows, in Nottingham and Mansfield, attended by more than 500 people.

Members of the public were invited to take part in some sobriety tests including being challenged to try on a pair of ‘beer googles’ and walk in a straight line, simulating how alcohol or drugs can impair your reactions.

In a unique move, officers also handed out 500 sobriety activity packs to those taking part. These educational packs included a selection of activities and tasks people could complete with family and friends, raising wider awareness in a bid to make our roads safer.

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They included pairs of ‘beer goggles’, simulating how alcohol can affect your reactions and impair your ability to drive, a true and false game, a QR code participants could use to give their feedback on their experiences, and informative materials for people to read.

Hard-hitting facts were also shared with members of the public, increasing their knowledge concerning the devastating impact of drink and drug driving.

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As well as this education and prevention work, officers continued to be out and about carrying out drink and drug drive enforcement, taking appropriate action against offenders, and patrolling our roads to keep people safe.

As part of the multi-channel campaign, over 200 posters educating road users on the consequences of drink-driving were distributed to pubs all over Nottinghamshire, with similar messaging running on the back of 10 Nottingham City Transport buses as part of an advertising campaign.

A website and social media campaign also ran throughout December and included short films informing people what will happen if they get caught drink or drug-driving as well as the knock-on impact on people’s lives.

Our eye-opening campaign was again backed by Nottinghamshire mum Clair Osborne, who lost her husband in a collision caused by a drink-driver in 2021.

Inspector John Lees, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Firstly, I would like to thank all those who responded positively to our campaign and who drove responsibly and within the law over the festive period.

“I would also like to thank those who called us with information about drink and drug drivers, enabling us to take action to keep our roads safe.

“We engaged with hundreds of people at our interactive roadshow events, educating them about the risks and life-shattering consequences of drink and drug driving.

“I’m pleased the education and enforcement carried out during our campaign, which reinforced the risks of drink and drug driving, contributed to a 19 percent reduction in investigations compared to last year, however, it’s disappointing some drivers still see it as being acceptable to drive while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, putting their own safety and the lives of innocent people at risk.

“Along with our fellow emergency services, we see far too often the devastating consequences that drink and drug driving causes.

“The decision to get behind the wheel while you’re under the influence of drink or drugs takes just a split second, but the consequences could last a lifetime.

“We have first-hand experience of having to deliver the devastating news to the families of those involved in fatal collisions that their loved ones have died. We would not wish this on anyone which is why we work hard throughout the whole year to prevent and reduce these sorts of crimes.

“As a force, our work is ongoing all year round to tackle drink and drug driving.

“We will continue to target drivers who put themselves and others at risk in this way as well as engaging with our communities and continuing with our preventative work.”


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