Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Driver misses exit on A50 and knocks lamppost down

The vehicle missed the turn off and carried out a manoeuvre which resulted in knocking a lamppost down.

The incident which took place on the A50 was shared by police.

Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 14.13.01
© Derbyshire Roads Police

Police in Derbyshire said:

‘A50 eastbound junction 4 off slip.

‘Driver forgets his exit and does a last minute dash then runs out of talent.

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‘Lamp post 1 Seat 0

‘Lamp post snapped off and only being held up by the vehicle.

‘Driver reported for Due Care offence.

‘All avoidable.’

Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 14.12.36
© Derbyshire Roads Police
Screenshot 2023 07 20 at 14.13.07
© Derbyshire Roads Police

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