Monday 5 December 2022
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First job vacancies go live at new Nottinghamshire Fusion Energy Plant

The first new jobs to come to Nottinghamshire as part of the ground-breaking STEP fusion energy programme at West Burton have gone live.

Bassetlaw District and the wider area looks to benefit from the investment that the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s multi-billion-pound project will bring to the region.

Details of the initial roles available, based here in Bassetlaw, can be found online via:

The roles focus on setting-up the new UKAEA team which will be based in Bassetlaw; working with the current site owner EDF to oversee site preparation, clearance and minor construction works; and engaging the local community and wider stakeholders about the STEP programme.

Leader of Bassetlaw District Council, Councillor James Naish said:

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“Today is an important milestone, with the first of what I hope will be thousands of new jobs being brought to the area. It is exciting that, in little over a month since the announcement that Bassetlaw will host the world’s first commercial prototype fusion energy plant, the initial job vacancies have now gone live.

“STEP is a game-changer for our communities, not just here in Bassetlaw and Nottinghamshire but across the wider region. I am looking forward to working with the successful applicants who will no doubt play a central role in mobilising the start of this significant investment in our area.”

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