Thursday 20 June 2024
20.5 C

Foul smell reported across West Bridgford

Dozens of people contacted us about a stench on the evening of Tuesday 14 February.

A smell described by many residents as so bad that it made them feel sick has been widely reported by local communities.

As far as we’re aware there were no fires being dealt with in the area but we’re checking those out this morning.

One resident told us at around 10 pm last night:

‘You might want to let people know to stay in.

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‘There’s a smell around West Bridgford and Wilford that’s making everyone feel sick. smells like very bad burning of poo I’m not sure.’

Others messaged on social media sites reporting the smell in Compton Acres, Wilford and Boundary Road areas.

One said at 9:21 pm:

‘Just been out on West Bridgford area and there is a bad stench everywhere…any idea what is that about?’

Another added:

‘It’s pretty rotten around Wilford Lane and the walk through to Rushcliffe Arena.’

Another said:

‘I smelt it tonight in our garden, Compton Acres. It’s very unusual. I’ve never smelt anything like it. Bit of a food type smell if l had to try to describe the closest thing to it.’

We’ll update you if we find out what this smell was all about.

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