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Goose Fair 2023 attendance 7% down but still 512,000 visitors spent £7 million

A report analysing the impact of the Goose Fair 2023 has been released.

Visitor Survey Insights: The visitor survey offered valuable feedback on how attendees discovered the fair. The survey also delved into visitor preferences regarding the fair’s duration, travel methods to the fair, expenditure on transport, rides, attractions, food and drink, and the use of money-off ride vouchers. Interestingly, an overwhelming majority of respondents favoured the fair, with 82% rating it as Very Good or Good.

Economic Impact: The fair’s economic contribution is significant, with an estimated total consumer spend of £7.1 million. This figure includes approximately £1.1 million spent on transport and £3.8 million on rides and attractions, highlighting the fair’s role in boosting local businesses and the service sector.

Visitor Demographics and Behaviors: The survey revealed that the average visiting party size was 3.6, providing insight into the group dynamics of fair-goers. Additionally, the survey shed light on spending patterns, with significant amounts allocated to rides, attractions, and food and drink.


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Feedback for Future Improvement: Visitors provided constructive feedback on areas for improvement, such as more affordable pricing, better food options, accessibility enhancements, and environmental considerations. These insights are crucial for the fair’s organizers to adapt and evolve the event to meet modern expectations while preserving its traditional charm.

Nottingham’s Goose Fair, one of Europe’s largest travelling funfairs, celebrated its 729th event in 2023 despite challenging weather conditions that slightly dampened attendance figures. Held at the Forest Recreation Ground from September 29 to October 8, 2023, the fair drew an estimated 512,000 visitors over ten days.

Originating in 1284 and based on a Royal Charter, the Goose Fair has evolved into a cultural and economic cornerstone for Nottingham. This year, despite six days of wet weather leading to a 6.9% decrease in attendance compared to the previous year, the fair showcased an impressive array of attractions, including 13 exhibitions, 66 adult rides, 89 juvenile rides, and 138 stalls and vendors, reinforcing its status as a premier event in the funfair circuit.

From an economic standpoint, the fair generated an estimated £7.1 million in consumer spending, with significant amounts allocated to rides, attractions, and food and drink, underscoring the event’s economic impact beyond mere entertainment.

Public feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 82% of survey respondents rating the fair as Very Good or Good. However, visitors also suggested improvements such as more inclusive food options, better accessibility, and environmental considerations, pointing towards a future where tradition meets modern expectations.

As discussions about the fair’s duration continue, with opinions divided between a 5-day and a 10-day event, what remains clear is its cherished place in the heart of Nottingham’s cultural and social calendar.

As Nottingham looks forward to the next Goose Fair, the event’s blend of historical legacy and contemporary appeal continues to make it a focal point for community, culture, and commerce in the heart of England.

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