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Huge ‘special types’ heavy load has police escort through the M1 in Nottinghamshire


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A special types general order category 3 large load was escorted through the area this morning.

Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit attended and said:

‘M1 to Calow abnormal load movement early this morning Sunday 16 August.

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‘Moved as soon as it was light enough to minimise disruption.’

What is a STGO Cat 3 load?

Cat 3 (Not exceeding 150,000 kgs):

– minimum of 6 axles
– maximum axle weight of 16,500 kgs
– display ‘STGO Cat 3’ plate to the front of the drawing vehicle
– 5 working days’ notice to highway and bridge authorities: the dimensions may need to be given to the police
– speed limits:
– motorway 40 mph
– dual carriageway 35 mph
– other roads 30 mph
– a plate must be fitted to the vehicle showing the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle when travelling at certain maximum speeds: this must be marked ‘Special Types Use’ – the plate should show the weights for gross, train and axle weights

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© derbyshire police

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© derbyshire police


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