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Local Elections: List of all candidates standing for election across Nottinghamshire councils

Here’s the list of all candidates standing for election in all Nottinghamshire areas – the vote takes place on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Rushcliffe elections

Rushcliffe has 24 wards and 125 candidates have been selected for 2023.

The council is currently operated by the Conservative Party.

A total of 42 candidates are Conservatives, 32 are representing the Labour Party, 12 candidates are Independents, 14 are Green Party, 11 are Liberal Democrats, five are Rushcliffe Independents and one is from Reform UK.

Abbey (3)

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Steve Calvert, Labour Party

Julie Elizabeth Chaplain, Labour Party

Stephen John Duckworth, Local Conservatives

Darius Furmonavicius, Local Conservatives

Amit Kumar Garg, Local Conservatives

Penny Gowland, Labour Party

Keith Michael Jamieson, Liberal Democrats

Sandra Louise Lee, Green Party

Ian James Whitehead, Green Party

Bingham North (2)

Nadia Marusia Jejna, Independent

Stephen John Perkins, Independent

Francis Anthoney Purdue-Horan, Independent

Nigel Kenneth Regan, Local Conservatives

Wayne Paul Stapleton, Independent

Gareth Tyson Alan Williams, Local Conservatives

Bingham South (2)

Rowan Bird, Independent

Elena Georgiou, Independent

Andrew Charles Shelton, Independent

Paul David Simpson, Local Conservatives

Maureen Stockwood, Independent

Peter Joseph Vallelly, Labour Party

Clare Louise Williams, Local Conservatives

Andrew Michael Wood, Liberal Democrats

Bunny (1)

Will Birch, Rushcliffe Independents Putting Bunny First

Jim Coyle, Labour Party

Andy Edyvean, Local Conservatives

Compton Acres (2)

Catherine Mary Carmichael, Labour Party

Richard George Henry Holmes, Green Party

Graham Scott Johnson, Labour Party

Rod Jones, Liberal Democrats

Hari Om, Local Conseravtives

Alan Phillips, Local Conservatives

William Andreas Richardson, Green Party

Cotgrave (3)

Richard Langton Butler, Local Conservatives

Keir Ronald Chewings, Rushcliffe Independents Putting Cotgrave First

John Robert Clements, Labour Party

Stuart John Ellis, Local Conservatives

Leo Martin Patrick Healy, Local Conservatives

Andy Naslas, Labour Party

Darren Stothard, Independent

Cranmer (1)

Sarah Paulina Bailey, Local Conservatives

Chris Grocock, Labour Party

Cropwell (1)

Ted Birch, Rushcliffe Independents

Gordon Sidney Moore, Local Conservatives

East Bridgford (1)

Steve Kilduff, Labour Party

Monica Monni, Independent

David Stephen Simms, Local Conservatives

Edwalton (2)

Hetvi Kiran Parekh, Local Conservatives

Brian Robinson, Labour Party

Nancy Grace Smith-Mitsch, Liberal Democrats

Charles Rupert Standring, Labour Party

Douglas Gordon Wheeler, Local Conservatives

Gamston (2)

John Robert Bannister, Labour Party

Chris Geeson, Labour Party

Elizabeth Jane Mollatt, Green Party

Terry Morrell, Liberal Democrats

Davinder Singh Virdi, Local Conservatives

Jonathan Gordon Alexander Wheeler, Local Conservatives

Gotham (2)

Gill Aldridge, Labour Party

Andy Brown, Local Conservatives

Lewis Mcaulay, Labour Party

Rex Frederick Walker, Local Conservatives

Mike Wright, Liberal Democrats

Keyworth & Wolds (3)

Linda Jane Abbey, Liberal Democrats

David William Clarke, Labour Party

John Elliott Cottee, Local Conservatives

Kevin James Fitzgerald, Labour Party

Rob Inglis, Local Conservatives

Kev Loew, Labour Party

Shelley May Millband, Independent

Tony Wells, Local Conservatives

Lady Bay (2) 

Richard John Crouch, Labour Party

Luke Fintan Dorian, Local Conservatives

George Richard Mallender, Green Party

Sue Mallender, Green Party

Jean Audrey Smith, Local Conservatives

Keith Wright, Labour Party

Leake (3)

Jason Richard Billin, Independent

Paul Symington Mercer, Local Conservatives

Ruth Roberts, Labour

San Singh, Local Conservatives

Sylvia Jayne Smith, Local Conservatives

Carys Mary Thomas, Independent

Lesley Anne Way, Independent

Lutterell (1)

Naz Begum, Labour Party

Benjamin Robert Gray, Green Party Councillor

Phill Matthews, Local Conservatives

Musters (2)

Sara Elizabeth Dellar, Liberal Democrats

Ruta Furmonaviciene, Local Conservatives

Rachel Edwina Jane Godkin, Local Conservatives

Dora Polenta, Labour Party

Vicky Price, Liberal Democrats

Roger Smith, Labour Party

Neville & Langar (1)

Tina Combellack, Local Conservatives

Margaret Lynn Irving, Independent

Newton (1)

Paul James Barton, Labour Party

Rhiana Elizabeth Lakin, Green Party

Debbie Soloman, Local Conservatives

Radcliffe on Trent (3)

Abby Brennan, Local Conservatives

Jonathan Neil Clarke, Local Conservatives

Lance Concannon, Reform UK

Martin Gordon Culshaw, Labour Party

Jane Serena Fulford, Green Party

Kim Kupfer, Green Party

Paul Rotherham, Labour Party

Alice Irene Tomlinson, Labour Party

Roger Glyn Upton, Local Conservatives

Adam Zbigniew Witko, Liberal Democrats

Ruddington (3)

Ben Atack, Local Conservatives

Gary Dane Dickman, Local Conservatives

Graham George Fletcher, Labour Party

Mike Gaunt, Labour Party

Andrew Kemp, Local Conservatives

Andrew Nicholson-Cole, Green Party

Jen Walker, Labour Party

Soar Valley (1)

Matt Barney, Local Conservatives

Stuart Christopher Matthews, Rushcliffe Independents

David William Dryden Wright, Liberal Democrats

Tollerton (1)

Annette Beaumont, Labour Party

Natascha Ruth Birch, Rushcliffe Independents

Peter Brennig Lewis Jordan Jones, Green Party

Debbie Mason, Local Conservatives

Trent Bridge (1)

Timothy Andrew Baker, Green Party

Paul Frederick Coe, Local Conservatives

Liz Plant, Labour Party




Abbey Hill Ward (1)

Andrew Victor Meakin – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Pat Rogerson – Conservatives

Sean Andrew White – Labour Party

Annesley & Kirkby Woodhouse (2)

Jamie David Bell – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Simon John Edward Bishop – Labour Party

Donna Samantha Jane Gilbert – Labour Party

Anthony Thomas Hunt – Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Rachel Elisabeth Madden – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Richard Anthony Portas – Conservatives

Dale Saddington – Conservatives

Ashfields (1)

Sam Ansell – Conservatives

David Thomas Walters – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Margaret Ann Wilson – Labour Party

Carsic (1)

Derrick Etches – N/A

Tony Johnson – Conservatives

Cathy Mason – Labour Party

Joel Martyn Meakin – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Greenwood & Summit (2)

Enid Bakewell – Labour Party

Linford Martyn Gibbons – Labour Party

Christoper John Huskinson – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Warren Thomas Nuttall – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Lee Scothern – Conservatives

Simon Wright – Conservatives

Hucknall Central (2)

Ria Cash – Labour Party

James Alan Harvey – Liberal Democrats

Jaimie McPherson – The Conservative Party Candidate

Nick Parvin – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Lee Waters – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

John Hartley Wilkinson – Labour Party

Hucknall North (3)

Patrick Stephen Ayres – Labour Party

Anna Ellis – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Martin Alan Howes – Liberal Democrats

Gordon Kenneth Mann – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Kevin Alan Stevenson – Liberal Democrats

David Kenneth Warwick – Labour Party

John Morton Anthony Wilmott – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Lewis Jake Wright – The Conservative Party Candidate

Steve Wright – The Conservative Party Candidate

Hucknall South (2)

Stuart Bell – Labour Party

Oliver John Hay – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Trevor Charles Locke – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Dave Randall – The Conservative Party Candidate

Hucknall West (3)

Ian John Briggs – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Paul Craddock – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Jan Lees – The Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew James Alexander Meikle – Breakthrough Party

Kevin Thomas Rostance – The Conservative Party Candidate

Phil Rostance – The Conservative Party Candidate

David Paul Shaw – Ashfield Independents Putting Hucknall First

Richard Speight – Labour Party

Huthwaite & Brierley (2)

Paul Ernest Grafton – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Tom Hollis – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

John Anthony Howlett – Conservatives

Stefan Lamb – Labour Party

Jane Anne Lilliman – Labour Party

Graham Lynk – Conservatives

Jacksdale & Westwood (1)

Chris Baron – Conservatives

Julie Anne Dawn Gregory – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Christopher Varnam – Labour Party

Kingsway (1)

Darren Clay – Conservatives

Dale Anthony Grounds – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Clare Marie West – Labour Party

Kirkby Cross & Portland (1)

Cheryl Butler – Labour Party

Sam Howlett – Conservatives

Sarah Jane Lewsey – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Larwood (1)

Adam Neville Bright – Labour Party

Jack Stuart Middleton – Conservatives

Jason Bernard Zadrozny – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Leamington (1)

Sarah Jayne Madigan – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Stuart Phillip Peach – Conservatives

Ruth Stevens – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Kerry Anne Thornton – Labour Party

Selston (2)

Mark Joseph Bradshaw – Conservatives

Rob Brooks – Labour Party

Cam Felton – Conservatives

Colleen Flint – Labour Party

Andy Gascoyne – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Arnie Hankin – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Skegby (2)

Michael Charles Barber – Labour Party

Will Bostock – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Keith Broughton – Conservatives

Jodine Ocean Cronshaw – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Roman Gasecki – Conservatives

George Watson – Labour Party

Stanton Hill & Teversal (1)

Lee Haywood – Labour Party

Bill Rogerson – Conservatives

Helen-Ann Smith – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Sutton Central & New Cross (2)

Samantha Kay Deakin – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Max Patrick Everett – Labour Party

Vicki Heslop – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Shinto Mathew – Conservatives

Margaret Betty Renshaw – Labour Party

Lea Sharpe – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Karen Jayne Shaw – Conservatives

Sutton Junction & Harlow Wood (1)

Marcus James Everett – Labour Party

Mitch Mitchell – Conservatives

Matthew James Relf – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Sutton St Mary’s (1)

Kier Barsby – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Christopher Barton-Hanson – Conservatives

Rebekkah Paige Sisson – Labour Party

The Dales (1)

Jackie Barber – Labour Party

Angela Louise Bentley – Conservatives

John Frederick Smallridge – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Underwood (1)

Dawn Justice – Conservatives

David Bernard Martin – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round

Sebastian Lawrence Wilson – Labour Party

Nottingham city elections

Aspley (3)

Graham Ransley Chapman – Labour Party

Ian Culley – Conservative Party Candidate

Patience Uloma Ifediora – Labour Party

Carole Williams McCulloch – Labour Party

Stewart Asquith Rotherham – Liberal Democrat

Neil George Slane – Conservative Party Candidate

Marjorie Anne Wroghton – Conservative Party Candidate

Basford (3)

Robert George Boden – Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Guy Jones – Green Party

Richard James Minkley – Liberal Democrat

Salma Mumtaz – Labour and Co-operative Party

Nick Raine – Labour and Co-operative Party

Wayne Anthony Unczur – Nottingham Independents Putting Basford First

Linda Mary Woodings – Labour and Co-operative Party

Cassius Yarde – Nottingham Independents Putting Basford First

Berridge (3)

Angela Kandola – Labour Party

Sulcan Mahmood – Labour Party

Ellie Mitchell – Green Party

Peter Parsons – Conservative Party Candidate

Shuguftah Jabeen Quddoos – Labour Party

Bestwood (3)

Peter Gordon Foulkes-Mills – Nottingham Independents Putting Bestwood First

Ted Grainger – Conservative Party Candidate

Jay Michael Hayes – Labour Party

Rimshah Hussain – Conservative Party Candidate

Craig Jarvis – Conservative Party Candidate

Francesco Lari – Nottingham Independents Putting Bestwood First

Fran Loi – Nottingham Independents Putting Bestwood First

Irenea Maud Marriott – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Georgia Emily Power – Labour Party

Diane Jean Rotherham – Liberal Democrat

Andrew William Taylor – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Audra Marie Wynter – Labour Party

Bilborough (3)

Faith Gakanje-Ajala – Labour Party

Sam Harris – Labour Party

Helen Louise Kalsi – Labour Party

Liz Morgan-Danvers – Liberal Democrat

Alfred Stephen Pryor – Conservative Party Candidate

Bulwell (3)

Matt Genn – Liberal Democrat

Tony Horan – Nottingham Independents Putting Bulwell First

Mohammad Jabarkhyl – Conservative Party Candidate

Maria Joannou -Labour Party

Aleksandra Kovacevic – Conservative Party Candidate

Ethan Benjamin Radford – Labour Party

Michael David Savage – Labour Party

Bulwell Forest (3)

Ebun Adejuyigbe – Conservative Party Candidate

Samuel Awolola – Nottingham Independents

Cheryl Margaret Barnard – Labour and Co-operative Party

Darren Buckland – Green Party

Samuel James Gardiner – Labour and Co-operative Party

Caroline Kampila – Conservative Party Candidate

Sarita-Marie Rehman-Wall – Labour and Co-operative Party

Paul Vincent Ruane – Conservative Party Candidate

Pollyanna Jennifer Sutherland – Nottingham Independents

Charlie Taylor – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Castle (2)

Katie Kelsey – Green Party

Lloydie J Lloyd – Liberal Democrat

Sam Lux – Labour Party

Carol Jane Morrell – Green Party

Rebecca Lucy Stephen Procter – Liberal Democrat

Janet Scott – Conservative Party Candidate

Matt Shannon – Labour Party

Clifton East (3)

Kevin Clarke – Nottingham Independents Putting Clifton First

Benedict Hal Claxton Stevens – Liberal Democrat

Raja Nisar Hussain – Labour Party

Kirsty Marie Jones – Nottingham Independents Putting Clifton First

Asif Maqsood – Labour Party

William Raymond Scott – Conservative Party Candidate

Phil Spear – Labour Party

Daniel Joseph Sullivan -Conservative Party Candidate

Maria Ann Watson – Nottingham Independents Putting Clifton First

Clifton West (2)

Daniel John Atherton – Conservative Party Candidate

Paul Simon Luke Bradshaw – Nottingham Independents Putting Clifton First

Emma Louise Crane – Nottingham Independents Putting Clifton First

Aamir Nawaz – Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew James Peter Rule – Independent

Hayley Spain – Labour Party

Roger David Steel – Independent

Mark David Vandersluis – Liberal Democrat

Seb Wilkins – Labour Party

Dales (3)

Ann Venning Bourke – Liberal Democrat

Neil James Harbinson – Conservative Party Candidate

Mohammed Jamil – Nottingham Independents

Gul Nawaz Khan – Labour Party

Neghat Nawaz Khan – Labour Party

Lucy Victoria Marsh – Green Party

David Mellen – Labour Party

Penelope Anne Messenger – Conservative Party Candidate

Margaret Helena Trueman – Conservative Party Candidate

Wendy Yee Mun Wong – Nottingham Independents

Hyson Green and Arboretum (3)

Liaqat Ali – Labour Party

Alexander James Foster – Liberal Democrat

Julie Abigail Hanson – Green Party

Sana Nasir – Labour Party

Mansoor Ahmad Qazi – Nottingham Independents

Naim Saqab Salim – Labour Party

Paul Singh – Nottingham Independents

Collin Gary Scott – Conservative Party Candidate

Richard Sutton – Green Party

Leen Valley (2)

Audrey Jane Dinnall – Labour Party

Nadia Farhat – Labour Party

David Peter Robert Gibson – Conservative Party Candidate

Gary Long – Liberal Democrat

Christina Morgan-Danvers – Liberal Democrat

Gail Janise Stancliffe – Conservative Party Candidate

Lenton and Wollaton East (3)

Daniel Dieppe – Conservative Party Candidate

Oliver James Fairey – Green Party

Titus Benedict Wills Hopkins – Conservative Party Candidate

Imran Jalil – Labour Party

Pavlos Kotsonis – Labour Party

Samina Riaz – Labour Party

Tony Bernard Sutton – Liberal Democrat

Mapperley (3)

Leslie Eni-Itan Ayoola – Labour and Co-operative Party

Barbara Joy Coulson – Green Party

Kirsty Lemara Jones – Labour and Co-operative Party

Graham Kilbourne – Conservative Party Candidate

Nigel Graham King – Independent

Adam Fergus McGregor – Green Party

Peter Charles Mendenhall – Liberal Democrat

Sajid Mohammed – Labour and Co-operative Party

Zarmeena Abdul Quraishi – Conservative Party Candidate

Melvyn Alfred Shepherd – Conservative Party Candidate

Catherine Lynton Sutherland – Green Party

Meadows (2)

Margo Bohacz – Nottingham Independents for the Meadows

Felicity Marion Whiting Crofts – Conservative Party Candidate

Michael Mountford Edwards – Labour Party

Nicholas John Packham – Conservative Party Candidate

Ceri Pryke-Hendy – Green Party

Naveed Rashid – Nottingham Independents for the Meadows

Eunice Holland Regan – Labour Party

Michael Ian Thomas – Liberal Democrat

Radford (2)

William Thomas Ellis – Green Party

Farzarina Mahmood – Labour Party

Fozia Mubashar – Labour Party

Matthew Christopher Pike – Conservative Party Candidate

Tom Procter – Liberal Democrat

Sherwood (3)

Colin Leslie Allen Barratt – Nottingham Independents for Sherwood and Carrington

John Edward Ramsay Burgess – Green Party

Sheila June Eaton – Conservative Party Candidate

Stephen Paul Freeland – Liberal Democrat

Rebecca Natalie Green – Nottingham Independents putting Sherwood First

Ilona Irma Hart – Conservative Party Candidate

AJ Matsiko – Labour Party

Nayab Patel – Labour Party

Rachel Richards – Green Party

Aimee Sharice Scrimshaw – Nottingham Independents putting Sherwood First

Adele Williams – Labour Party

St Ann’s (3)

Rohey Oley Bah – Nottingham Independents

Neil Barrett – Green Party

John Anthony Crofts – Conservative Party Candidate

James Housley – Liberal Democrat

Corall Joy Jenkins – Labour Party

Anwar Muhammad Khan – Labour Party

Sam Njie – Nottingham Independents

Devontay Andrew Imo Okure – Labour Party

Gisella Sobarasua – Nottingham Independents

Glenys Sullivan – Conservative Party Candidate

Boma Alade Thomas – Conservative Party Candidate

Jonnie Walker – Green Party

Wollaton West (3)

Saj Ahmad – Labour Party

Steve Battlemuch – Labour Party

Stuart Andrew Frost – Conservative Party Candidate

Cinderella Griffiths – Nottingham Independents

Kabir Hussain – Conservative Party Candidate

Zafran Nawaz Khan – Labour Party

Joginder Singh Prem – Nottingham Independents

Michael Howard Procter – Liberal Democrat

Awadh Sheikh Salim – Conservative Party Candidate

Bakhtawar Singh Sehra – Nottingham Independents


Bassetlaw elections

Beckingham (1)

April Hayman – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Joan Mary Sanger – Independent

Blyth (1)

Jack Peter Bowker – Labour Party

Donald Everton Clarke – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Carlton (3)

Robert Callum Bailet – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Val Bowles – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Robin Brian Carrington-Wilde – Labour Party

Charles James Lister – The Conservative and Unionist Party

David George Pidwell – Labour Party

Steve Scotthorne – Labour Party

Clayworth (1)

Fraser McFarland – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Ben Sofflet – Independent

East Markham (1)

Gary Dinsdale – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Peter John Thompson – Liberal Democrat

Marcin Adam Wasiak – Labour Party

East Retford East (3)

Gerald Bowers – Independent

Mandy Louise Bromley – Independent

Piers M G Digby – Labour Party

Michael Peter Anthony Hadwen – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Daniel James Henderson – Labour Party

John Oliver Manners – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Rachel Sara Reeves – Green Party

Sue Shaw – Labour Party

Liam Wildish – The Conservative and Unionist Party

East Retford North (3)

David Challinor – Labour Party

Jennie Coggles – Liberal Democrat

Anthony Wallace Dexter – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Richard Gill – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Clifford Gordon – Independent

Mark James Nicholson – Independent

Perry Offer – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Graham Antony Nicholas Oxby – Labour Party

Jonathan Graham Slater – Labour Party

East Retford South (2)

Daniel Ashford – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Eva Cernysovaite – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Ian Edley – Liberal Democrat

John Andrew Hudson – Independent

David Andrew Naylor – Labour Party

Carolyn Troop – Labour Party

East Retford West (2)

Malachi Michael Carroll – Labour Party

Anne Karen Dexter – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Harriet Jane Digby – Labour Party

James Robert Purle – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Phil Ray – Liberal Democrat

Helen Louise Tamblyn-Saville – Liberal Democrat

Jon Wade – Independent

Everton (1)

Steve Pashley – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Mark Gordon Watson – Independent

Harworth (3)

Jake John Boothroyd – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Alastair McMillan Bowman – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Gloria June Evans – Labour Party

Joe Horrocks – Labour Party

Beverley Lynne Schuller – Labour Party

Sarah Abigail Whitehead – Green Party

Nancy Chimene Dorothy Wright – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Langold (1)

Gill Freeman – Labour Party

James Andrew Palmer – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Miserton (1)

Hazel Magrete Brand – Independent

Richard Keith Maltby-Azeemi – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Rampton (1)

Joe Butler – Labour Party

Anthony Kenneth Coultate – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Ranskill (1)

David Charles Bamford – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Andy Jee – Labour Party

Sturton (1)

Kirsty Glasby  -The Conservative and Unionist Party

James William Naish – Labour Party

Sutton (1)

Darrell Eduard Pulk – Labour Party

Tracey Lee Taylor – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Tuxford and Trent (2)

Emma Marie Griffin – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Lewis Antony Stanniland – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Denise Taylor-Roome – Green Party

Ian Alexander Thomas – Labour Party

Welbeck (1)

Charles Lindsay Adams – Labour Party

Matthew Stephen Evans – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Steffi Alexandra Harangozo – Liberal Democrat

Worksop East (3)

Pamela Lesley Briggs – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Cliff Entwistle – Labour Party

Tim Griffith – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Debbie Merryweather – Labour Party

Klaudia Piatek – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Jo White – Labour Party

Worksop North (3)

Jack Robin Fergal Best – Green Party

Barry Albert Bowles – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Maria Rota Charlesworth – Labour Party

Helen Stuttard Colton – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Simon Andrew Russell – Liberal Democrat

Laura Abigail Sanders – Labour Party

Neil John Sanders – Labour Party

Ben Storey – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Worksop North-East (3)

Rachel Elizabeth Briggs – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Russell Frank Dodd – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Wiktoria Krawczyk – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Fraser Merryweather – Labour Party

Alan Rhodes – Labour Party

Madelaine Richardson – Labour Party

Worksop North-West (3)

Ewa Blachewicz – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Lynn Alison Dixon – Labour Party

Leon Maurice Duveen – Liberal Democrat

Sybil Jacqueline Fielding – Labour Party

Ewa Niec – The Conservative and Unionist Party

David Robert Pressley – Labour Party

Miroslaw Zubicki – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Worksop South (3)

Paddy Ducey – Labour Party

Tony Paul Eaton – Labour Party

John Jewitt – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Julie Ann Leigh – Labour Party

Ashley John Penty-Williams – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Ewa Romanczuk – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Worksop South-East (3)

Stephen Evans – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Yvonne Yvette Evans – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Ryan Anthony Penty-Williams – The Conservative and Unionist Party

Josie Potts – Labour Party

John Clarkes Shephard – Labour Party

Clayton Tindle – Labour Party


Broxtowe elections

Attenborough & Chilwell (3)

Chris Archer, Liberal Democrats

Helen Jane Faccio, Labour Party

Richard Stephen Falvey, Labour Party

Thomas Richard Hall, The Conservative Party Candidate

Eric Kerry, The Conservative Party Candidate

Trish Roberts-Thomson, The Conservative Party Candidate

John Mark Rule, Liberal Democrats

Christopher Paul Alexander Salter, Liberal Democrats

Pauline Ann Smith, Labour Party

Mary Evelyn Venning, Green Party

Awsworth, Cossall & Trowell Borough (2)

Lydia Antoinette Ball, The Conservative Party Candidate

Annie Hughes-Riley, Liberal Democrats

Tyler Marsh, Labour Party

Karen Dawn Oliver, Liberal Democrats

Don Pringle, The Conservative Party Candidate

Beeston Central (2)

Gabrielle Bunn, Labour Party

Justin He, The Conservative Party Candidate

Vanessa Claire Smith, Labour Party

Tom Stanton, Green Party

Brian Taylor, Liberal Democrats

Patricia Ann Taylor, Liberal Democrats

Beeston North (2)

Robert James Bailey, The Conservative Party Candidate

Andreas Bieler, Labour Party

Barbara Caroline Carr, Liberal Democrats

Steve Carr, Liberal Democrats

Gordon Brian Stoner, Green Party

Nicola Wood, The Conservative Party Candidate

Beeston Rylands (2)

Hugh Nathaniel Angseesing, Liberal Democrats

Kenneth Burton, The Conservative Party Candidate

Shaun Dannheimer, Labour Party

Henry Gillies Fell, Green Party

Ben Todd, Liberal Democrats

Sarah Webb, Labour Party

Beeston West (2)

Dan Bassford, Liberal Democrats

Carmen Marie Silva Flores, Liberal Democrats

Jeni Hunneyball, Green Party

Greg Marshall, Labour Party

Jonathan Richard Portwood, The Conservative Party Candidate

Ellie Winfield, Labour Party

Bramcote (3)

John Terence Breheny, The Conservative Party Candidate

Jack Anthony Doddy, The Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Kingdon, Liberal Democrats

Hannah May Land, Liberal Democrats

Claire Lawrence, Labour Party

Val Leyland, Labour Party

Sunny Limbachia, The Conservative Party Candidate

William John Longdon

Agostino Maurotto, Alliance for Democracy and Freedom

Vanessa Perry, Labour Party

David Kenneth Watts, Liberal Democrats

Brinsley (1)

Gaynor Rachel Doherty, Labour Party

Brian Enever, Independent

Elizabeth Williamson, Independent

Chilwell West (3)

Andrew Askham, The Conservative Party Candidate

Richard David Eddleston, Green Party

Duncan John Fyfe, Liberal Democrats

Stephen Paul Jeremiah, Labour Party

Caroline Kerry, The Conservative Party Candidate

Reece Joe Oliver, Liberal Democrats

Helen Elsa Skinner, Labour Party

Gavin Thomas Slater, Liberal Democrats

Colin Michael Tideswell, Labour Party

Eastwood Hall (1)

Bob Bullock, Labour Party

Guy Peter Hagan, Independent

Joshua Paul Thomas Parker, The Conservative Party Candidate

Eastwood Hall (2)

Susan Ann Bagshaw, Labour Party

Levi Joshua Ensor, Independent

Lisa Hartshorn, The Conservative Party Candidate

Alex Marker, The Conservative Party Candidate

Milan Radulovic, Labour Party

Eastwood St Mary’s (2)

David Bagshaw, Labour Party

Julie Anne Newing, Independent

Kane Derek Oliver, Independent

Joe Wiltshire, The Conservative Party Candidate

Ken Woodhead, Labour Party

Rosemary Cerridwen Gray Woods, Green Party

Greasley (3)

Mick Brown, The Conservative Party Candidate

Jo Cooke, Liberal Democrats

Hannah Louise Crosby, The Conservative Party Candidate

Danny George Hall, Labour Party

Neil Patrick Levett, Labour Party

Carl Simon Lewis, Liberal Democrats

Pat Morton, Green Party

Anne Ryan, Labour Party

Adam William George Albert Stockwell, The Conservative Party

Arthur Clive Trussell, Liberal Democrats

Kimberley (3)

Chris Carr, Labour Party

Andy Cooper, Labour Party

Shane Easom, The Conservative Party Candidate

Hefin Peter Lawlor, The Conservative Party Candidate

William Mee, Labour Party

Nuthall East & Strelley (2)

Sheikh Abdul Assab, Labour Party

Rachel Margaret Gravett, Green Party

Graham Stewart Hills, The Conservative Party Candidate

Rebecca Suzanne Morris-Buck, Liberal Democrats

Philip John Owen, The Conservative Party Candidate

Dave Tantum, Labour Party

Stapleford North (2)

Pete Beckett, Labour Party

John Anthony Doddy, The Conservative Party Candidate

Donna Lorraine Macrae, Independent

Richard Danny MacRae, Independent

Dan Moss, The Labour Party

Stapleford South East (2)

Bradley James Bell, The Conservative Party Candidate

Ross Edward Bofinger, Labour Party

Bob Browne, Liberal Democrats

Si Frost, Green Party

Tim Hallam, Liberal Democrats

Katherine Alexandra Harlow, Labour Party

Susan Kelly, Independent

Lorraine Longford, Independent

Teresa Yvonne Needham, Green Party

Kash Purewal, The Conservative Party Candidate

Stapleford South West (2)

Maggie McGrath, Labour Party

Todd Oliver, Liberal Democrats

Sue Paterson, Labour Party

John Murdoch Patrick, Liberal Democrats

Toton and Chilwell Meadows (3)

Teresa Ann Cullen, Labour Party

Peter Falvey, Labour Party

Charlie Harris, Labour Party

Richard Ian Jackson, The Conservative Party Candidate

Stephanie Dawn Kerry, The Conservative Party Candidate

Halimah Gulzar Khaled, The Conservative Party Candidate

Lily Valerie Jane Oldham, Green Party

Michael Granville Rich, Liberal Democrats

Simon Peter Roche, Liberal Democrats

Ian Lloyd Tyler, Liberal Democrats

Watnall & Nuthall West (2)

Peter James Bales, Labour Party

Graham Lambert, Labour Party

Jill Owen, The Conservative Party Candidate

Bob Willimott, The Conservative Party Candidate



Bestwood St Albans Ward (2)

Josie Abbott – Conservative Party Candidate

Rachel Elizabeth Ellis – Labour Party

Des Gibbons – Labour Party

Ray Poynter – Liberal Democrat

Katherine Laura Randall – Conservative Party Candidate

Patrick Christopher Shannon – Liberal Democrat

Margret Susan Barbara Vince – Green Party

Calverton Ward (3)

John Bailey – N/A

Pat Bosworth – Independent

Lorraine Kathleen Brown – The Conservative Party Candidate

Boyd Bryan Elliott – The Conservative Party Candidate

Sam Gordon – Independent

Mike Hope – Independent

Darcy Autumn Inchboard – Labour Party

Sarah Emily Smith – Labour Party

Jane Maria Walker – The Conservative Party Candidate

Dean Anthony Wilson – Labour Party

Carlton Ward (2)

Annabelle Lucy Banner – Conservative Party Candidate

Graham Terrance Clive Dewberry – Liberal Democrat

Kai Benjamin Harrison – Conservative Party Candidate

Johnathan On Kay Ho – Liberal Democrat

Catherine Patricia Pope – Labour Party

Ruth Geraldine Tanner – Green Party

Paul O’Neil Wilkinson – Labour Party

Carlton Hill Ward (3)

Joseph Roger Conboy – Liberal Democrat

Jim Creamer – Labour Party

Paul Feeney – Labour Party

Anthony John Gillam – Liberal Democrat

Yvonne Michele Godwin – Conservative Party Candidate

James Victor Greensmith – Conservative Party Candidate

Nadia Hajat – Liberal Democrat

Steve Swann – Conservative Party Candidate

Cavendish Ward (2)

Pat Blandamer – Conservative Party Candidate

Liz Clunie – Labour Party

Andrew Mark Dunkin – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Gary Graham Gregory – Independent

Karen Gregory – Independent

Dwayne Anthony Henry – Labour

Paul Anthony Hughes – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Collette Sharon Osborne – Conservative Party Candidate

Colwick Ward (1)

Kevin Backhouse Doyle – The Conservative Party Candidate

Paul Richard Milburn – Liberal Democrat

Russell Whiting – Labour Party

Coppice Ward (2)

Mick Abbott – Conservative Party Candidate

Marje Paling – Labour Party

Mark Simons – Liberal Democrat

Jim Stuart – Green Party

Geoff Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Henry Thomas Neil Wheeler – Labour Party

Daybrook Ward (2)

Sandra Jean Barnes – Labour Party

Kyle Anthony Robinson-Payne – Labour Party

Melissa Simone Seaton – Conservative Party Candidate

Chris Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Dumbles Ward (1)

Helen Monique Greensmith – The Conservative Party Candidate

Catherine Leigh O’Riordan – Liberal Democrat

Ian Nigel Smith – Green Party

Daniel John Taylor – Labour Party

Ernehale Ward (2)

Judy Barson – Liberal Democrat

Ged Clarke – Conservative Party Candidate

David Sidney Ellis – Labour and Co-operative

Roxanne Elizabeth Ellis – Labour and Co-operative

Paul Richard Key – Independent

Desmond Paul Peet – Independent

Jason Martin Stansfield – Liberal Democrat

Sue Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Gedling Ward (2)

Maggie Dunkin – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Charlie Godwin – Conservative Party Candidate

Jenny Hollingsworth – Labour Party

Darren Robert Maltby – Conservative Party Candidate

James O’Riordan – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Lynda Jane Pearson – Labour Party

Netherfield Ward (2)

Laurence James Baldwin – Green Party

William John Clarke – Labour Party

Michel Flor-Henry – Conservative Party Candidate

Essop Hajat – Liberal Democrat

Alison Lesley Hunt – Labour Party

Mick Murphy – Conservative Party Candidate

Newstead Abbey Ward (3)

Stuart James Bestwick – The Conservative Party Candidate

Paul Anthony Bruch – Liberal Democrat

Sharon Dawn Butterworth – Labour Party

Jim Heath – Liberal Democrat

Cleon Tundy Alexander Nelson – Labor Party

Sue Pickering – The Conservative Party Candidate

Martin David Smith – The Conservative Party

John Antony Sutherland – Liberal Democrat

Carol Ann Wright – Labour Party

Phoenix Ward (2)

Andrew James Armstrong – Labour Party

Alan Sydney Bexon – Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Mark Ellwood – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Tracy Maltby – Conservative Party Candidate

Richard Mark Shipley – Labour Party

Cliev John Towsey-Hinton – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Plains Ward (3)

Max Beeken – Liberal Democrat

David Jonathan Brocklebank – Labour Party

Luke Martin Dunkin – Liberal Democrat

Martin Nigel Gladwell – Liberal Democrat

Ed Jayamaha – Conservative Party Candidate

Grahame David Pope – Labour Party

Keith Trevor Seaton – Conservative Party Candidate

Margaret Ruth Strong – Labour Party

Carol Ann Walker – Conservative Party Candidate

Porchester Ward (3)

Linda Susan Adams – Conservative Party Candidate

Roy Douglas Allan – Labour Party

Alan Peter Morrell Dawson – Liberal Democrat

Tony Jenkins – Conservative Party Candidate

Julie Najuk – Labour Party

Dennis Penaluna – Green Party

Alison Joy Smith – Conservative Party Candidate

Hannah Claire Nilda Soar – Liberal Democrat

Robert Andrew Swift – Liberal Democrat

Michelle Welsh – Labour Party

Redhill Ward (2)

Kathryn Fox – Labour Party

Tad Jones – Liberal Democrat

Gerry Kenwood – Conservative Party Candidate

Kevin Charles Lock – Conservative Party Candidate

Michael Richard Payne – Labour Party

David Neil Snodgrass – Liberal Democrat

Trent Valley Ward (2)

Mike Adams – Conservative Party Candidate

Richard Ian Macduff Fife – Liberal Democrat

Richard Douglas Fletcher – Labour Party

John Edward Flynn – Liberal Democrat

Muhammad Ebadullah Malik – Labour Party

Sam Thomas Smith – Conservative Party Candidate

Woodthorpe Ward (2)

Suzanna Jayne Adams – Conservative Party Candidate

Steven James Clarke – Green Party

Ron McCrossen – Labour Party

Viv McCrossen – Labour Party

Roger Mark Patterson – Liberal Democrat

Myles Maurice Pike – Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Julian Swift – Liberal Democrat



Mayoral Election

Andy Abrahams – Labour Party

Mick Barton – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Andre Camilleri – The Conservative Party Candidate

Karen Rachel Mary Seymour – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Julie Margaret Tasker-Love-Birks – Independent


Mandy Christine Jackson – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Robert Learmonth – The Conservative Party Candidate

Sue Swinscoe – Labour Party

Denis Nneka Tooley-Okonkwo – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Berry Hill

Stephen Timothy Bodle – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Andre Camilleri – The Conservative Party Candidate

Michelle Laing – Labour Party

Brick Kiln

Faith Bekis – The Conservative Party Candidate

Terry Clay – Labour Party

Deb Hodson – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Ben Hollywood – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Carr Bank

Michael Antony Abbs – Labour Party

Kelvin Gene Peters – The Conservative Party Candidate

Stuart Wilson Wallace – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Charles Anderson – The Conservative Party Candidate

Charles Ian Hammersley – The Labour Party

Andy Johnson – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Paul Tooley-Okonkwo – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


Joshua Kevin Charles – The Conservative Party Candidate

John Christopher Peter Metcalfe – Labour Party

Stewart Edward Rickersey – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Grange Farm

Leah Jade Hartshorn – Labour Party

John Kenneth Roughton – The Conservative Party Candidate

Il-Suna Petek Sato – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

June Stendall – Independent

Holly Forest Town

Shelly Burnett – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Bo Hitchmough – The Conservative Party Candidate

Donna Marie Thomas – Labour Party

Martin Wright – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Vic Bobo – The Conservative Party Candidate

Anne Callaghan – Labour Party

Ruth Ford – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Kings Walk

Rouchelle Lorna Evans – Labour Party

Stephen Harvey – Independent

Liz Langrick – The Conservative Party Candidate

Kev Brown – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Kingsway Forest Town

Robert Arthur Corden – The Conservative Party Candidate

Angie Jackson – Labour Party

Gio Loperfido – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Tom Birchall – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Neil Paul Smith – The Conservative Party Candidate

Rich Mitchell-Tempest – Labour Party

Ling Forest

Andrea Dickens – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Bill Drewett – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Nigel Moxon – The Conservative Party Candidate

Zoe Lawrence-Newton – Labour Party


Paul Simon Lawrence – The Conservative Party Candidate

Jayne Elizabeth Riddin – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Craig Lea Whitby – Labour Party

Market Warsop

Debra Louise Barlow – Independent

Joe Johnson – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Jack William Lewis Stephenson – Labour Party

Rita Bernadette Townsend – The Conservative Party Candidate

Ruth Truswell – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Maun Valley Forest Town

Mick Barton – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Shane Andrew Roy Draper – Labour Party

Karen Rachel Mary Seymour – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Keith Townsend – The Conservative Party Candidate


Denise Answer – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Grant Bembridge – The Conservative Party Candidate

Andy Wetton – Labour Party

Mill Lane

Caroline Ann Ellos – Labour Party

Shirley Peters – The Conservative Party Candidate

Andrea Russell – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Timothy Peter Bower – The Conservative Party Candidate

David Hughes – Labour Party

Philip Shields – Independent

Newlands Forest Town

Pippa Clements – The Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Shooter – Labour Party

Sid Walker – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Oak Tree

Gemma Canlin – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Paul Nigel Henshaw – Labour Party

Nick Marks – The Conservative Party Candidate

Milo Elijah Tooley-Okonkwo – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


Robert Philip Elliman – The Conservative Party Candidate

Stephen John North – Labour Party

Craig Sims – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Park Hall

Jacob Ki Thomas Denness – Labour Party

Dean Ellis – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Alice Mary Kurylo – The Conservative Party Candidate


Adam Nigel Brailsford – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Stuart Richardson – Labour Party

Michael Roger Shilladay – The Conservative Party Candidate

David Smith – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Chris Clarke – Green Party

Sharron Hartshorn – Labour Party

Jak Daniel Shuttleworth – The Conservative Party Candidate

Brian Wheatcroft – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Steve Garner – Independent

Rob Kinton – Labour Party

Vicki Wright – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Rock Hill

Shaun Anthoney – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Mark Stephen Garner – Independent

Diana Camille McKenzie – Labour Party

Julie Robinson – The Conservative Party Candidate


Barry Michael Answer – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Garry Cole – Labour Party

Gareth Corden – The Conservative Party Candidate

Shaun Dennis Thornton – Green Party


Alan Bell – Labour and Co-operative Party

Emma Camina – The Conservative Party Candidate

Teresa Hanstock – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Elliott Marcus Brown – The Conservative Party Candidate

Charlotte Ruth Inkle – Labour Party

Craig Vernon – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Sinead Anne Anderson – The Conservative Party Candidate

Dennis Robinson – Labour Party

Roger Sutcliffe – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first


Jane Kathleen Beachus – Labour Party

Wendy Cook – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Gill Maharjan – Green Party

Michelle Patricia Swain – The Conservative Party Candidate


Lynn Henshaw – Labour Party

Ian Sheppard – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Beverley Smith – The Conservative Party Candidate

Warsop Carrs

Ben Bonser – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Andy Burgin – Labour Party

Robyn Hendley – Green Party

Barbara Henson – The Conservative Party Candidate

West Bank 

Ben Brown – The Conservative Party Candidate

Faz Choudhury – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

Sally Anne Higgins – Labour Party

Tony Jones – Reform UK

Yeoman Hill

Stuart Butler – Mansfield Independents – putting local residents first

John Coxhead – Labour Party

Andy Tyler – The Conservative Party Candidate



Balderton North & Coddington (2)

Klaus Becher, Liberal Democrats

Betty Margaret Brooks, Local Conservatives

Johno Lee, Local Conservatives

Emma Louise Oldham, Independent

Lucy Olivia Spoors, Labour Party

Balderton South (2)

Simon Nicholas Forde, Independent

Jean Hazel Hall, Independent

Lydia Hazel Hurst, Local Conservatives

Ronnie White, Local Conservatives

Beacon (3)

Rowan Sally Cozens, Independent

Susan Crosby, Independent

Rita Crowe, Local Conservatives

David James Lloyd, Local Conservatives

David Michael Moore

Mathew James Skinner, Local Conservatives

Bilsthorpe (1)

Rhona Holloway, The Conservative Party

Matt Kerry, Labour Party

Boughton (1)

Marc Steele, Labour Party

Tim Wildgust, The Conservative Party

Bridge (2)

Irene Brown, Independent

Deb’s Darby, Independent

Mick Darby, Independent

Lisa June Geary, Labour Party

Robert Guy Michael Palmer, Reform UK

Andrew Christopher Rainbow, Local Conservatives

Tony Roberts, Local Conservatives

Castle (1)

Adrian Charles Amer, Independent

Glenn William Barker, Labour Party

Jenni Oliver, Local Conservatives

Collingham (2)

Phil Barron, Liberal Democrats

Linda Elaine Dales, Local Conservatives

Phil Farmer, Local Conservatives

Martin James Lunn, Green Party

Marylyn Rayner, Liberal Democrats

Devon Ward (3)

Max Cope, Local Conservatives

Bob Crowe, Local Conservatives

Keith Frank Girling,  Local Conservatives

Neil Ross, Independent

Matthew Joseph Thomson Spoors, Labour Party

Paul Taylor, Labour Party

Dover Beck (1)

Roger James Jackson, Local Conservatives

Joseph Maurice Spoors, Labour Party

Edwinstowe & Clipstone Ward (1)

Nigel Jeremy Booth, The Conservative Party Candidate

Anne Celia Brooks, Labour Party

Scott Carlton, The Conservative Party Candidate

Andrew Freeman, Labour Party

Paul Stephen Peacock, Labour Party

Rebecca Spademan, The Conservative Party Candidate

Farndon & Fernwood (3)

Chris Adams, Liberal Democrats

Neil Allen, Local Conservatives

Ryan Thomas Cullen, Liberal Democrats

Tom Geraghty, Liberal Democrats

Simon Edward Haynes, Local Conservatives

Jack Logan Kellas, Local Conservatives

Declan Patrick Logue, Independent

Jane Elizabeth Olson, Labour Party

Farnsfield (1)

Robert Bruce Laughton, The Conservative Party

Maurice Arthur Shakeshaft, Labour Party

Lowdham (1)

Kevin Treverton Scoles, Labour Party

Tim Wendels, Local Conservatives

Muskham (1)

Jude Andrews, Green Party

Adrian James Loftus, Labour Party

Sue Saddington, Local Conservatives

Ollerton (3)

Alice Brazier, Labour Party

Lee Robert Brazier, Labour Party

Kelly Fordham, The Conservative Party Candidate

Mike Pringle, Labour Party

Rainworth North & Rufford (2)

Kirsty Denman, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Lois Kirsten Fisher, The Conservative Party Candidate

Sheila Greatrex-White, Green Party

Petra Harvey-Barker, The Conservative Party Candidate

Claire Penny, Labour Party

Linda Mary Tift, Labour Party

Carrie Young, Independent

Rainworth South & Blidworth (2)

Martin Gary Atherton, Independent

Bill Bates, Labour Party

Gary Frazer Fisher, The Conservative Party Candidate

Edward Litchfield, Independent

Tom Smith, The Conservative Party Candidate

Tina Thompson, Independent

Callam Walsh, Labour Party

Southwell (3)

Jeremy Michael Berridge, Liberal Democrats

Jamie Oliver William Bostock, Labour Party

Jools Cosgrove, Independent

Peter Richard Harris, Liberal Democrats

Michael Jeffrey, Local Conservatives

Curtis Marshall, Local Conservatives

Steven Patrick Morris, Green Party

Penny Rainbow, Local Conservatives

Karen Roberts, Liberal Democrats

Sutton-on-Trent (1)

Roger John Bell, Independent

Sylvia Mary Michael, Local Conservatives

Trent (1)

Eric Bignell, Green Party

Keith Myers Melton, Liberal Democrats

Malcolm Yates, Local Conservatives

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