Thursday 1 June 2023
15 C

M1 southbound East Midlands Airport – 5 mile queues 60 min delays – car fire

Two lanes are closed on the M1 southbound.

Highways England said:

‘Please be aware there are long delays on the M1 southbound J24 Nottingham to J23A due to the ongoing car fire.

‘There is approx. 5 miles of congestion which is likely to add around 50 mins onto usual journey times.

AA Roadwatch said:

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‘Two lanes closed and queueing traffic due to vehicle fire on M1 Southbound between J24 A50 (Nottingham South / East Midlands Airport) and J23A A42 (Derby / East Midlands Airport / Tamworth). Congestion to J25 (Nottingham / Derby).’

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