Monday 2 October 2023
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Mansfield: Police dog drugs operation leads to arrests in town centre

Four people were found in possession of cocaine during a police dog operation in Mansfield town centre.

More than a dozen people were stopped and searched on Saturday evening during a routine patrol by two police sniffer dogs.

The routine operation also included a number of additional officers, who worked in partnership with the dog handlers to identify suspects in-and-around the town’s pubs and clubs.

Four people were detained after they were found in possession of cocaine and given cautions.

Each was stopped and searched after they tried to avoid contact with the dogs.

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Sergeant Alice Bartle, of the Mansfield town centre policing team, said: “This is a regular policing operation to tackle drug-related crime and the associated violence and disorder that goes with it.

“Visitors to our town centre can expect to see more of our passive search dogs over the summer months as continue to target those involved in drug-related crime.”

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