Tuesday 16 July 2024
14.7 C

Met Office issues two new warnings for thunderstorms in Nottinghamshire

The Met Office predicts thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday.

The first warning:

Monday 15 August 10 am until midnight

‘Hit-and-miss thunderstorms likely to develop through Monday, producing some torrential downpours for some spots, and possible disruption.’

The second warning:

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Tuesday 16 August midnight until 23:59 pm

‘While some places stay dry, others are likely to see thunderstorms with torrential rain during Tuesday, bringing possible disruption.’

Some showers could start the day, but these likely to become more widespread and heavier through the late morning and afternoon, lasting into the evening in places. Some counties are likely to miss the worst of these storms but where they do occur, slow-moving torrential downpours could produce 20-30 mm inside an hour, with 40-50 mm falling in around 2-3 hours in a few spots. Hail and frequent lightning could pose additional hazards for some.

‘Whilst some places will miss them, thunderstorms and areas of heavy rain seem likely to develop quite widely on Tuesday across parts of England and Wales.

’20-30 mm of rain is possible within an hour, but where areas of thundery rain become slow-moving, some places could see 50 mm in less than three hours.

‘There is a low probability that higher totals could occur in a few spots over the course of the day, while hail and frequent lightning are likely additional hazards for some places.

‘There is considerable uncertainty at this stage in regional and county level focus.’

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