Wednesday 21 February 2024
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New bus ticket covers 15 services in and around Newark

A new bus ticket which can be used to get around on more than 15 bus services in Newark has now launched.

The ‘All Rounder’ ticket means that passengers can travel on any bus within the network using just one ticket and aims to make travelling in the area simpler for residents and visitors.

Nottinghamshire County Council has worked with bus operators Stagecoach, Vectare, Gem Mini Travel, Marshalls, CT4N and Centrebus to launch the ticket.

Passengers can now board buses and ask for an All-Rounder ticket; and are advised to check with each operator as to whether tickets can be purchased online and through operator apps.

The All Rounder ticket is valid within the set zone and a map of this can be found on the county council’s website along with information on fares for adults, under 22’s and children:

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Councillor Neil Clarke MBE, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We want to make travelling by bus as simple as possible for

Nottinghamshire residents and that is why we have launched the All-Rounder ticket in Newark.

“Whether you’re travelling within the town centre or further afield to one of the areas within the ticket boundary, you now only need to buy one ticket, which will help reduce travel costs if changing between different operators.

“For example, if a resident in Newark wanted to travel on the number 1 Stagecoach service and then on to the CT4N 300 service, they wouldn’t need to purchase two tickets.

“All-day travel with the All Rounder costs £4.20 and it is great that the ticket can also be used on part of our South Ollerton Nottsbus On Demand zone in line with the All-Rounder boundary.

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“We have used funding from our Bus Service Improvement Plan to help launch this new ticket and we will continue to work closely with all operators involved to monitor its success.”

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