Tuesday 16 July 2024
14.9 C

New Year’s Day weather for Nottinghamshire

Today’s Nottinghamshire weather includes hourly temperatures and risk of rain.


Any residual showers, these most likely over the Peak District, will clear to leave dry and bright spells as winds ease. Cloud then increases this afternoon with rain arriving from the southwest this evening. Feeling cool. Maximum temperature 7 °C.

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  • 09:00: Temperature at 6°C with less than 5% chance of rain.
  • 10:00: Temperature steady at 6°C, rain chances below 5%.
  • 11:00: No change in temperature, still at 6°C; rain likelihood under 5%.
  • 12:00: A slight increase to 7°C, with rain chances remaining below 5%.
  • 13:00: Temperature holds at 7°C; rain probability still low at less than 5%.
  • 14:00: At 7°C, the chance of rain inches up to 10%.
  • 15:00: Continuing at 7°C, with a 10% chance of rain.
  • 16:00: The temperature maintains at 7°C; rain chances hold at 10%.
  • 17:00: As the evening approaches, temperature remains at 7°C, rain chances surge to 50%.
  • 18:00: Temperature slightly drops to 6°C, with a significant 90% chance of rain.
  • 19:00: Still at 6°C, the rain probability is high at 90%.
  • 20:00: Persistent temperature at 6°C, with continued rain chances of 90%.
  • 21:00: Temperature at 6°C, rain likely with a 90% chance.
  • 22:00: A slight temperature rise to 7°C, rain almost certain at ≥95%.
  • 23:00: Ending the day at 8°C, with rain chances remaining at ≥95%.


Rain, often heavy, this evening. The rain clears away east overnight, with dry and largely cloudy conditions following, although some clear spells will develop for a time. Minimum temperature 5 °C.


Starting dry and cloudy, but rain quickly spreads northeastwards, becoming locally heavy. Through the afternoon drier, but cloudy and windy, conditions are likely to spread across southern areas. Maximum temperature 9 °C.

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Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Breezy Wednesday with sunshine and scattered heavy showers. Thursday mainly dry and bright. Friday chance of a few showers, some bright spells and light winds. Temperatures generally close to average.

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