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Nottingham airport housing plans: Tollerton Parish Council asks for more time to comment

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With Resident’s having to prioritise changes to everyday life because of coronavirus restrictions, the Parish Council has asked developers for more time for residents to comment on the Gamston Fields Masterplan.

At the end of October Barwood Land and Taylor Wimpey launched a three-week consultation for a major new development in Tollerton, but with new national restrictions introduced just days later residents have told the parish council that they need more time to comment.

The Gamston Fields site lies alongside the A52 to the east of Gamston and north of Tollerton, with Grantham Canal forming the northern boundary of the site.

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Rushcliffe Borough Council has earmarked the site to deliver a sustainable urban extension to provide new employment land and jobs, a local service centre, infrastructure improvements and a range of new homes.

It was widely expected that development of the site would commence in 2018/19 but with an outline planning application expected by Christmas, building would not now commence until 2021 – and is subject to being given the green light by Rushcliffe Planners.

Phase 1 of the proposals would include using around 50% of the site for 2,250 houses, a new primary school and sports piches adjacent to the Grantham Canal and Tollerton Village.

Indicative plans for the wider site are included in the master plan and include highway changes to the A52 and Tollerton Lane, employment sites, a further primary school, secondary school and a local centre.

This request has been communicated to the developers.

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The Parish Council has met with the developers and has emphasized the need for more detail about a number of aspects of the development at this stage.


The Council has requested further discussions around three key areas:

Master Plan Layout, Sequencing and the impacts of Development:

Detail of facilities and amenities to be included on the site for residents, when facilities will be built in relation to delivery of housing and how public facilities will be maintained.

More detail of the areas proposed for housing including the type and density of housing and to understand how the site and its overall design will fit in the landscape.


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Understanding the flow, routing and sanctions for construction traffic.

Understanding the level of commitment from all landowners to a Masterplan that can be binding on all future planning applications so everyone sticks to the plan.

The Enhanced Green Buffer, green infrastructure, flooding and heritage:

More detail of the Green buffer including scale, depth, screening from rural surrounds to understand its fitness for purpose as part of the overall masterplan.

Detail of mature trees and hedges to be kept and support, support for biodiversity & wildlife.

Exploring reduction of flood risk for Tollerton Lane

Understanding detail of the heritage strategy including future maintenance of heritage assets – the pillboxes.

Specific detail of the integration or protection for existing dwellings on the lane and residents of Tollerton Park.

Roads, traffic, cycling and pedestrian links:
Exploring the detail of schemes to manage traffic impact and mitigations on Tollerton, Tollerton & Cotgrave Lanes and through Gamston Fields.

Understanding how the development will be sequenced to major A52 changes.

Detail of connections between existing and new settlements & facilities by bus, foot and cycle.

Commenting on the consultation, Tollerton Parish Council told The Wire:

‘Our discussions with Barwood Land and Taylor Wimpey have been constructive and we hope to build on these over the coming weeks.

‘It was helpful to understand some of the thinking behing the proposals and we have identifed three key themes where we would like to see more details – Site Layout & Sequencing; Green Infrastructure, Flooding & Heritage; Traffic, Cycling & Pedestrian Links and we are looking to meet with the developers to work through each of these areas.’

‘These proposal are going to have a big impact on residents for years to come and so it’s important to get things right at this stage. With so much change going on in everyone’s daily life, residents need to be offered enough time to be able to have their say.’